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Female college students across Namibia have caused a stir by holding a mini summit to discuss infanticide and baby dumping amid reports that figures are at an all-time high. - Monday 28 March 2011

Nigeria - Germany
Anyone attempting to prove the redemptive power of music needs to look no further than the Nigerian chanteuse, Ayọ. The 30-year-old soul singer defied all the odds that life stacked against her, successfully signing to Polydor Records in the mid-2000s and releasing Joyful (2006), Gravity at Last (2008) and this year’s Billie-Eve in the space of five years. - Monday 28 March 2011

Libya - France - United States - Saudi Arabia - International
As the Bob Dylan song goes, the times they are “achanging”. But, do the lowly tyrants and dictators of our world, or those Western powers who are bonded to their hypocrisy, double standards and greed, see eye to eye with good old Bob? - Monday 28 March 2011

Libya - International
Libyan rebels certain of victory over Muammar Gaddafi and his forces have promised to begin exporting oil in less than a week. The rebel representative assured the international community that the uprising would not further slow-down oil production. - Monday 28 March 2011


Latest statistics suggest attempts to kick new life into MySpace may be failing.

Tech industry analysts comScore say figures show MySpace lost more than 10 million unique users worldwide between January and February.

There were almost 63 million users of MySpace in February 2011, down from more than 73 million.

- Monday 28 March 2011

The most closely watched lawsuit in the music industry asks this question: how much should a song on iTunes or another digital music service be worth to the performer?

The artist at the center of the suit is Eminem, but some of the biggest beneficiaries of the case may be thousands of older artists who have not released an album in decades.

- Monday 28 March 2011


Long lines were reported in Berlin, London, Sydney and other cities as the iPad 2, the newest version of Apple’s popular touchscreen tablet, went on sale Friday afternoon in 25 countries.

By midafternoon on Friday, hundreds of people were lined up in bright sunshine outside Apple’s London flagship store on Regent’s Street. Those at the front of the line had been waiting for more than 33 hours by the time they got their hands on the device. Some spent the night in sleeping bags on the street.

- Monday 28 March 2011

United States
Geraldine Ferraro’s selection as Walter Mondale’s Democratic running mate in the 1984 presidential election made her a winner as far as history was concerned, despite an unsuccessful campaign that proved to be a tough political slog against a popular incumbent. - Monday 28 March 2011

Clark Kent, meet your Lois Lane.

After weeks of guessing who would play the Man of Steel’s leading lady in the upcoming "Superman" reboot, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, along with director Zack Snyder announced on Sunday (March 27) that Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Adams will take on the iconic role.

- Monday 28 March 2011

Sex workers in Uganda have lashed out at religious leaders who have condemned their trade but failed to encourage programs and projects to help fight unemployment and poverty in the country. - Saturday 26 March 2011

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