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Ivory Coast
The political situation in Ivory Coast remains complex and now the country is facing problems with the supply of medicines. Indeed, a serious problem is arising with the antiretroviral drugs that are needed by patients being treated for HIV. There is the logistical problem of course, but not just that. NGOs are concerned about the effects that political instability could have on support from donors… - Friday 18 March 2011

Just one cigarette and the risk of developing lung cancer is already at your door! According to an American study, less than 30 minutes after our first inhalation, the polycyclic hydrocarbons contained in tobacco are at work and attacking our cells’ DNA. In other words, smoking presents a danger from the very first cigarette! - Friday 18 March 2011

It appears that a bacterial protein may be able to penetrate the cell nucleus and reprogramme the genes responsible for activating our immune system. - Friday 18 March 2011

Is there really any point in mothers-to-be to talking to their unborn child during pregnancy? According to Canadian researchers, the answer to this is a most definite “YES”! By placing electrodes on the heads of 16 infants they were able to show that their mother’s voice was indeed “special” for these babies. - Friday 18 March 2011

Ghana - United States
It’s a question that haunts many Ghanaian immigrants at one time or another during our stay in our adopted lands. No matter where in the world you live—America, the UK, South Africa, or Germany—and no matter how long you’ve been living there or how content you imagine yourself to be, the call of home will inevitably find you. Ghana, and all that she has ever been to you, will beckon. - Friday 18 March 2011

Namibia - Zimbabwe
Following the recent ’Twitter-Facebook inspired revolutions’ in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and other Middle East countries, Namibian leader, President Hifikepunye Pohamba, has sent a strong warning to his party’s inner circle. Meanwhile, in neighbouring Zimbabwe, political propaganda are increasingly dependent on text messaging with Mugabe’s party being the latest to jump on the bandwagon. - Friday 18 March 2011

Panafrica - Cameroon - Niger
With his striking portraits of Nigerians working and worshipping near the Niger River—a poignant photomontage entitled “Inside Niger”—award-winning 31-year-old Italian photographer Nicola Lo Calzo shines light on the humanity and spirituality of everyday people. Through slaughterhouses, fishing resorts, Catholic churches, tanneries and more, Lo Calzo creates startlingly personalized portraits of local Nigerians. Equally revealing is his 2010 photo series “The Promising Baby,” images detailing the lives of ostracized albinos in Cameroon. - Friday 18 March 2011

Libya - France - United Kingdom - Lebanon
Muammar Gaddafi’s government has warned the international community that any attack on Libya would threaten air and sea traffic in the Mediterranean after it was reported that military action involving France, Britain, the United States and one or more Arab states could be an option in the just passed United Nations Security Council resolution. - Friday 18 March 2011

Egypt - Ethiopia
The Ethiopian government has downplayed the effect that a dam it is planning to build near the Sudanese border could have on lower Nile riparian sates, Egypt and Sudan. Addis Ababa has qualified fears expressed by Egyptian officials as “unsubstantiated”. - Thursday 17 March 2011

South africa
Drug peddlers in South Africa have introduced a new deadly drug whose ingredients contain life-prolonging antiretrovirals for people infected with HIV, a move that health experts claim could jeopardies ARV stocks. - Thursday 17 March 2011

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