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Balanced diets and sandwiches
Often eaten ‘on the hoof’, sandwiches are not necessarily a balanced meal.

However, a few tricks can help you turn the humble sandwich into something that provides a good nutritional balance, providing that you choose carefully and finish off your meal with a piece of fruit or a yoghurt.

Go for the “chicken salad” or a “tuna salad” option, without mayonnaise! This will provide a portion of protein and also of vitamins, in addition to the complex sugars contained in the bread.

Add in a yoghurt or a large glass of milk and you will have your calcium ration too.

A “cheese and ham” sandwich is also good in terms of nutrition, providing you also eat a piece of fruit, rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi fruit, an orange or an apple.

Also consider what drink to have: preferably an unsweetened one. And if you are really concerned about eating a balanced diet, avoid “steak and chips” and “salami and butter” options – they are far too high in saturated fats.

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