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Panafrica - Burkina Faso
Demonstration in Ouagadougou
A number of students protested violently Thursday morning in Ouagadougou against price hikes of products of everyday necessity, despite price control measures introduced by the government last Wednesday to curb the high cost of living. Demonstrators started moving into the city’s steets in small groups and later mounted barricades and burnt car tyres. Shops and gas stations remained closed while traffic was considerably slowed down, reports Panapress. "As long as the government does not lower taxes, there’ll be no peace", declared a breathless young demonstrator running away from the police tear gas. "We cannot buy food to eat because prices have gone up today and that is why we are demonstrating", said a young pupil. Demonstrations against the high cost of living took place last week in Bobo-Dioulasso, Ouahigouya and Banfora.
  Thursday 28 February 2008 - 16:23

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