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Namibian press and gov’t mouth piece outraged
A Namibian state-owned daily newspaper, the New Era, Friday called on Southern African leaders to call neighbouring Botswana ’to order ’ after Botswana officials were quoted saying that the region should shut its borders against Zimbabwe.

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Namibia slams Botswana for 'war' on Zimbabwe - mlu
Imperialist ideas will be a thing of the past very soon.Botswana must know that if a white man gives you wings to fly , be suspicious. There is nothing they will achieve because thats not a game for puppets. Its for real players. I think Batswana shul give Tsvangirai citizenship for all we care. We dont need him he shul remain there. Is Botswana ready for war? what do they intend to fight - Thursday 11 December 2008 - 16:41

Namibia slams Botswana for 'war' on Zimbabwe - lebo
Utter nonsese, disapointment that when the PEOPLE of Zimbabwe are suffering under a "liberation" movement leader, governments have remained mum, including Namibia. "Silent diplomacy" has led to no-where. Thus whyshouln't a nation like Botswana air its views?Clearly the New-Era has joined in misleading the people to claim Botswana seeks war with Zimbabwe. Liberation movement leaders from SWAPO, ANC, FRELIMO found comfort in Botswana eating food made in SA!!! - Friday 5 December 2008 - 21:27


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