Sudan - A nation divided
The stakes are high as Southern Sudanese head for the polls to decide on whether or not they want to break away from the North. While the North-South tug of war is centred around oil and the Nile’s water, ethnicity and religion have proved to be the breaking point in a highly polarized country. As fear of war looms with the two sides amassing weapons, what is the role of regional players, including Ethiopia, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya and Kenya, who stand to lose or gain from Sudan’s split or union? And what about the international community, the African Union, the Arab League? Our series of articles highlight a troubled history of the Sudan and the Horn of Africa region, including their allies, and also tackle questions surrounding who stands to gain or lose from the pending referenda.

Sudan - A nation divided: What is to be expected

Sudan - A nation divided: separation and peace possible?

Sudan - A nation divided: The United States, Britain and China

Sudan - A nation divided: Eritrea and Ethiopia’s proxy war

Sudan - A nation divided: Where does Ethiopia stand?

Sudan - A nation divided: The question of a gerrymandered "oil rich" Abyei

Sudan - A nation divided: Teaming up with Egypt for the Nile

Sudan - A nation divided: Beginnings of the end

Sudan - A nation divided: The Price of Independence

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