Destination Santé

Umut Talha, born on 26 January 2011 at the Antoine Béclère de Clamart Hospital near Paris, is the first “child donor” – NOT “medicine baby” as the media would have it – to be born in France.

Ivory Coast’s battle for antiretroviral drugs

Cigarettes: Smoking out your life

Listeria: A biological hacker in the human immune system

When a mother’s voice soothes a baby

Nail biting opens the door to infection

Childproofing the kitchen is essential

Vaccinations and sexually-transmissible infections

Massage good or bad for our health?

Lemon: A true elixir of health

Malaria-resistant mosquitoes the key to malaria eradication?

Wholegrain cereals and the heart

Balanced diets and sandwiches

Yoga to combat fatigue among cancer patients

Iron deficiency: Why we suffer from it

Endometriosis: A mystery pain and the female sexual organ

Iron deficiency connected to Vegetarian diet?

Protecting your eyes from ultraviolet light

Loosing that unwanted weight

Tips for Microwave cooking

Bad breath: Time to talk about it

Pregnant women, feotal to child allergies and groundnuts

Onchocerciasis and Chagas disease eradication yields results

TV and Computer Games: A threat to adolescent health?

Balanced diet and good hygiene: A personal decision

Women beware of wood dust

Diabetes: A rising trend?

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