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Why announce with us? is the only website federating the African diaspora and anyone who is linked to Africa. You would like to reach our readers which is about 1 million visitors a month. 76% are between 25 and 49 years old. Most of them are executives. 14% (mainly students) are between 18 and 24 years old. Over 50 years old represents 10%. is the best channel to fit your needs in notoriety, brand image to your partners and clients today and in the future. You can as well us the portal for your market studies and by proposing quiz (after cost estimation).

With our thematic portal Afrik-foot you can reach a chosen target. Our will inform you on the different opportunities we can provide you with those huge traffic sites.

3 good reasons to announce on's portal

1. A good visibility : with more than 5 million ads viewed and 1 million regular visitors.

2. is today the first daily newspaper to the African continent. Its articles are regularly quoted in the African newspapers.

3. The first search provider, Google gives a mark of 7/10 just like the one given to AOL for instance (best mark given is 9/10 to Yahoo). This mark takes into account the information quality, the site's notoriety and the number of backlinks ( has today about 800 backlinks all around the world).

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Linked to all articles dealing with one or many countries you have chosen. Allows you to get an introduction page and a link to your website. Cost per country : 7 euros without taxes per CPM.

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Visible randomly on every category of the site. Cost : 7 euros without taxes per CPM.

Skycraper (160x600)

Visible randomly on every category of the site. Cost : 7 euros without taxes per CPM.


Different elements chosen can be fitted to your needs in communication. Our team will suggest you the best choices. Feel free to contact them.

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