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Africa News Report is a specialist information dossier dedicated to providing news information and analysis from a diplomatic and political perspective. Topics covered include some of the most pressing health, economic, political and social issues. Besides bringing its multi-facetted news, views and analysis to the fore, Africa News Report ( seeks to highlight the United States’ policies and positions on diverse issues affecting the African continent.

Somalia: Rebuilding a stateless country’s piracy-driven economy

US-Nigeria: ’Trajectory of bad elections’ should be checked

Mozambique: Brazil and U.S. join in cooperative development program

Clean water for rural Ethiopia

Ghana: Pure Home Water for the north

Customized inventions for Africa gaining ground

Libya: U.S. Government Chartered Ferry Evacuation warning

Ivory Coast: Both Gbagbo and Ouattarra isolated?

From Negro History Week to Black History Month

A remodeled Marshall Plan for Africa?

Côte d’Ivoire: Laurent and Simone Gbagbo under financial sanctions

Millions in Tanzania and Malawi using mobile phone banking

African entrepreneurship and private equity gather international interest

U.S. Columbia Business School’s focus on Africa

African stocks triple on international exchanges

Ethiopia and Niger get $84 million agricultural assistance

U.S. could remove Sudan from terror list

African Health Care needs “Paradigm Shift”

Sustainable environmental development in Africa gets international backing

U.S. - Africa flights "tripled in size in three years"

African penguin gets a new lease of life

Africa to get ready for heavy international investments

Africa’s high return rate for the "frontier market investor"

Saving Africa’s lands from ever encroaching desert

U.S. "not choosing sides" in Sudan’s "make or break" period

Uganda’s new solar ovens

Hilary Clinton condemns mass rapes in DRC

Confronting one of the world’s number one killers

Discovering John H. Johnson: An African-American media mogul

Rwanda attracts mixed feelings over progress

African youth urged to challenge their governments

Mobile Phone banking and insurance transforming the world

AGOA: A mutually advantageous trade between Africa and U.S.

Obama meets young Africans in Washington

AGOA: African business women at the forefront of trade

Strong scientific discoveries mark Vienna AIDS conference

US-Africa trade: Time for Africa to add value

International AIDS Conference focuses on right to health

Sudan: U.S. envoy calls for urgent preparation for independent south

Obama: Al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab attacks in Africa “tragic and ironic”

Angola and United States sign Strategic Partnership Dialogue

Football gave Zuma and other prisoners a human face on Robben Island

Kenya: U.S. launches East Africa software competition “Apps 4 Africa”

East Africa getting ready for internet revolution

Swine/H1N1 Flu boosts African influenza surveillance

US government pushes for African awareness in America

Water partnership initiative begins in Ethiopia, India, Brazil and Mali

US and Brazil seek to eliminate racial and ethnic discrimination

Egyptian Coptic Church celebrates Arab diversity in the U.S.

From Brazil to Kenya agriculture proves essential to development

Africa’s green revolution gets a boost

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Feed the Future initiative is right

Sudan and Darfur region challenges daunting

Marshall W. “Major” Taylor: First Black world champion cyclist

Worldwide hunger on the rise

“Mo” Ibrahim: Governments need to foster, not frustrate, business

11 Somali pirates could face life behind bars in the U.S.

African economies have "passed stress test"

African Meteorology Services gear up for climate change

African Union-United States talks opens in U.S. capital

“Courting Justice” a tribute to South African women

Sahel’s Islamic heritage gets a lease of life

Nigeria’s impact reaches “Beyond its Borders”

Nigeria: Niger Delta stability key to economic success

Nigerian and South African Presidents meet with Obama

Nigeria and United States agree on binational deal

The difference between Soccer and Football

United States: Country-based scrutiny for air travelers eliminated

Zanzibar: US restores 900 year Kizimkazi mosque

New York honors its African past

US: Acclaimed Ethiopian agronomist gives back

Ethiopia: Authoritarian tendencies?

Somalia: Number of successful pirate attacks decline

Oprah Winfrey: What changed the trajectory of her life

Africa: Quiet corruption harming development

James Brown and Aretha Franklin: Two masters of 1960s “soul” music

Spearheading a Grass-Roots Movement for Change in Kenya

No U.S. desire to "Americanize the conflict in Somalia"

Gabon: Ali Bongo vows to fight corruption

Jim Crow, Segregation and African-Americans

U.S. prolongs sanctions on Mugabe regime

The importance of African Rain Forests to the world

W.E.B. Du Bois: A champion of direct political agitation and political protest

Madam C.J. Walker: Remembering a great African-American entrepreneur

Ida B. Wells-Barnett: Fighting and Writing for Justice

Brown v. Board of Education: The Law, the Legacy

Before Rosa Parks there was Claudette Colvin

Rosa Parks: Mother of Civil Rights

Sojourner Truth: Abolishionist and proponent of women’s rights

Somalia: International navies working to stop pirates

United States: Ancient Gullah culture from Africa brought back to life

Shakespeare goes black!

Caribbean: Honing tsunami warning system

East Africa enjoying the power of regional trade

Black History Month: A legacy of struggle and triumph

Haiti: Officers from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal join efforts

Africa mobilizes massive relief efforts for Haiti

Madagascar: U.S. may slap Rajoelina’s gov’t with sanctions

Tools to better understand earthquakes

An Ethiopian revolution and a national green hero

Madagascar, Guinea, Niger get U.S. economic aid boot

Morocco: Towards a more developed fishing industry

Food could become scarce by 2050

Botswana: How AIDS almost killed An African Dream

When government manipulations thwart anti-corruption campaigns

An entrepreneurial youth and a world without boundaries

Ethiopia: Diaspora investment bond enhances economy

The U.S. has no illusions over democracy in Guinea

Michelle Obama: Honors After-School arts projects that inspire youth

2011 U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery: Open until November 30

Egypt: US still opposed to Israeli settlements?

Racing in the United States to save lives in Burkina Faso

Intra-African dialogue expands into cyberspace

Haiti: Phone company draws inspiration from Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange is big business not a charitable organization

U.S.-Africa Business Summit: African business goes where it is most welcome

Hip-Hop: An indelible influence on the English language

Tanzanian President doesn’t believe China is “gobbling up” Africa

Hip-hop: From urban Black and Latino youth culture to global influence

Obama and African leaders talk about challenges facing the continent

U.S.-Africa Business Summit explores tremendous growth potential

Somali Piracy: U.K., Cyprus, Japan, Singapore, U.S. sign New York declaration

US-Senegal: MCC to bring Senegal a step closer to greater food security

United States: Africa poised to see robust economic growth in coming years

African women making real headway in Politics

US-Africa trade: Clinton’s seven-nation trip to highlight new approaches to development

Trade: 1% increase in Africa’s wealth equals 3 times its development aid

U.S. - Africa trade: Africa to benefit more from AGOA with a developed manufacturing engine

Michelle Obama moves beyond her wardrobe

President Obama’s historic visit to Ghana: A recognition of success and progress

US-Ghana partnership examined ahead of Obama’s visit

Tanzania - Botswana: Breaking away from the vicious cycle of poverty, corruption and failed campaigns

Fight against corruption: The world Bank will “hold people accountable if they steal from the poor”

South Africa-Mozambique: One man’s fight against human trafficking

Historically African-American Universities: 150 years of service to the black cause

Top Ethiopian food scientist to be awarded World Food Prize

President Barack Obama’s speech at the Cairo university: On a new beginning

Ghana and South Africa encourage US Africa relations

Egyptian Nobel laureate on Obama’s Council of Advisors

Obama administration commits to Muslim dialogue

Arab American festival adds to US pluralistic heritage

Somali pirates’ benefits of concessions under threat

US-Africa ties reviewed: Somalia, Ethiopia, Zim, Kenya...

World Digital Library: All countries invited aboard

IMF and WB experts on crisis and African development

Developing economies will fare better in 2010

WDL: A startling Global Library for a Global Village

Haiti, the West’s poorest, gets a new lease of life

Dangerous reporting from Mugabe’s Zanu pf Zimbabwe

G20 finance ministers aim for an action-oriented summit

US-Zimbabwe: Gov’t very imperfect, Sanctions will remain

G20-IMF to give developing economies a new lease of life

Malaria: Scientific breakthrough to wipe off malaria

An interview with acclaimed writer Rebecca Walker

US: Arabesque festival featuring North Africa and Arab world dazzles

Obama and Ban Ki-Moon to tackle Sudan issue together

Horn of Africa: International interest in region growing

Guinea: Junta extending decades of misrule?


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