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Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki might be forced to stand down following Thursday’s order by the East African nation’s Attorney-General, Amos Wako, for a re-tabulation of the presidential vote, which saw him re-elected Sunday.

The vote tallying would preferably be done by an independent team of experts, who will be required to examine the election documents to detect cases of fraud, re-tally the votes and present their findings.

- Thursday 3 January 2008

Economic experts have urged the Nigerian government to tackle the various impediments to development, as a way of achieving the better deal promised to Nigerians by President Umaru Yar’Adua in his New Year message. - Wednesday 2 January 2008


The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) chairman Samuel Kivuitu has admitted being pressurized to announce "flawed" results in the Kenyan presidential race, which saw incumbent Mwai Kibaki emerge as the surprise winner.

"I was under undue pressure from the protagonists," said Kivuitu.

- Wednesday 2 January 2008

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