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Ethiopia - China
Joining China’s critics, an Ethiopian business weekly, Capital, described the on-going Olympic games in Beijing as the most controversial in the tradition of ’international camaraderie’. - Saturday 16 August 2008

Ghana’s ruling centre- right New Patriotic Party (NPP) has named a 44-year-old banker, Dr Muhamadu Bawumia as the running-mate of Nana Akufo -Addo for the December 7 presidential election. - Friday 15 August 2008

Zimbabwean officials threatened on Thursday to stop Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader, from travelling to South Africa, where regional leaders meet this weekend for a summit set to be dominated by the Zimbabwe crisis. - Friday 15 August 2008

The protests against soaring food prices that swept dozens of countries around the world earlier this year have shaken governments and international aid agencies. At an emergency summit on the food crisis in Rome in June, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underscored the threat to stability. “Nothing is more degrading than hunger, he told world leaders. “It breeds anger, social disintegration, ill health and economic decline.” - Thursday 14 August 2008

Cameroon - International
Life just got better… Across Cameroon this morning thousands of people are waking up to a revolution in affordable quality entertainment. The hotly anticipated launch of GTV delivered a shot in the arm to Cameroon’s previously under-competitive pay-TV industry and revealed exciting new dimensions to the unique GTV offering. - Thursday 14 August 2008

Petrol tankers parked nose-to-tail line the five-kilometre stretch of road from the southern Nigerian town of Eleme to its refinery, waiting to fuel up and begin their long journey home. - Thursday 14 August 2008

South africa
South Africa’s Defence Minister says the entire ministry has only 20 pilots left under its ranks. - Thursday 14 August 2008

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader faced mounting pressure to agree to a power-sharing government with Robert Mugabe, but insisted that this must reflect "the will of the people". - Thursday 14 August 2008

The Nigerian side will travel 272 kilometres east of Bei jing to Qinhuangdao to face fellow Africans, Cote D’Ivoire, in the quarter-finals of the men’s football event Saturday. - Wednesday 13 August 2008

South africa - Swaziland - Zimbabwe
Trade unions in Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries have agreed to ratchet up the pressure on Robert Mugabe’s regime by staging a one-week boycott of all goods bound for the poverty-stricken country. - Wednesday 13 August 2008

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