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Panafrica - International
A meeting organised by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) opened in Accra on Monday to discuss new rules and regulations to position the sub-region as an attractive single market for investments. - Tuesday 5 August 2008

Central African Republic - Chad - Russia - International
Russia will provide four Mig-8 helicopters and 120 soldiers to the European peace-keeping mission in Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) — EUFOR-Chad/CAR, the European Union (EU) said in a statement Monday. - Monday 4 August 2008

The issue of an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, in the United States has become the archbishop of Canterbury’s African kanker. A kanker he is finding particularly tough to rid himself of. Opposing reactions from Nigeria, which has one of the largest Anglican congregations, along with a host of other countries, have led to threats of a schism. - Monday 4 August 2008

Namibia - Germany
Namibia’s Prime Minister Nahas Angula said Monday that Namibia would not issue an official request to the German government to bring back colonial era skulls which are being kept at Medical History Museum in Berlin. - Monday 4 August 2008

United States
The US presidential election has taken a nasty turn and the fault is all on one side. - Monday 4 August 2008

A senior Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) official says the opposition party will not be ‘swallowed’ by Zanu-PF in the crisis talks in South Africa and warned that the party will pullout of the talks unless opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is made executive president or prime minister. - Monday 4 August 2008

Zimbabwe - United Kingdom
John Bredenkamp, the Zimbabwean tycoon linked to £20m of payments made by BAE Systems, has ridden political upheaval to become one of his country’s richest international businessmen. - Sunday 3 August 2008

The arrest of dozens of young Egyptians over their use of Facebook was the highlight of local press during the week. - Sunday 3 August 2008

The man widely regarded as the Doyen of Nigerian journalism, Alhaji Babatunde Jose, died on Saturday at the age of 82, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported. - Sunday 3 August 2008

United States
In 1980, Ronald Reagan asked voters whether they felt better off than four years earlier. He went on to defeat Jimmy Carter a few weeks later. On Friday Barack Obama raised the same question: “Do you think that you are better off now than you were four years ago or eight years ago?” he asked voters in Florida. “And if you don’t . . . do you think you can afford another four years of the same failed economic policies that we’ve had under George W. Bush?” - Saturday 2 August 2008

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