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The craze for pornography was prominently covered during the past week in the Malawi press. - Sunday 14 September 2008

Panafrica - Nigeria - International
It appears the western and eastern gods no longer appeal to some Nigerian natives of the Yoruba tribe as the annual Osogbo festival of the river-goddess Osun has had increasing participation by the year. - Sunday 14 September 2008

Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC wants to head the home affairs, justice and finance ministries under a landmark power-sharing deal agreed with Robert Mugabe. - Sunday 14 September 2008

The Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) Saturday reported the Nigerian military has launched a full scale offensive against its positions at Elemtombia in Rivers state in the oil producing Niger Delta region, causing the death of three MEND fighters. - Saturday 13 September 2008

Panafrica - Ethiopia
African artefacts looted or inadvertently taken away from Africa by colonialists and invaders of the continent must be repatriated, Ethiopian newspapers suggested this week. - Saturday 13 September 2008

At least 13 people have been killed in inter-clan clashes over water in the north-eastern region of Mandera, a humanitarian official has said. - Saturday 13 September 2008

United States
A new TV advertisement by Barack Obama on Friday mocked John McCain as an ageing and out-of-touch Washington insider as the Democrat fought to halt the surge of momentum behind his Republican rival. - Saturday 13 September 2008

South africa
South Africa was this week rocked by a controversial cartoon that made newspaper headlines around the country. The work of popular cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, depicts the African National Congres President Jacob Zuma - who is widely tipped to become the country’s next President - about to rape the justice system. - Saturday 13 September 2008

Kenya - United States
Reports from Kenya say five people have been detained and security has been increased around Alego-Kogello village, where Barrack Obama’s grandmothers’ house was broken into. - Friday 12 September 2008

Kenya - China - Japan
According the managing director of KenGen, Mr Eddy Njoroge, Sinohydro a Chinese company the construction and Nippon Koei consultants from Japan are the two firms who have emerged winners of the bids to power Kenya?s electricity. - Friday 12 September 2008

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