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A school in Bulawayo, a city in Zimbabwe’s, have asked for cows or fuel coupons to be paid as school fees. - Wednesday 24 September 2008

South africa
South Africa’s Finance Minister Trevor Manuel is among eleven Cabinet ministers and three deputy ministers who have tendered their resignations. - Wednesday 24 September 2008

Botswana - United States
Entitled "The Number 1 First Lady Detective Agency movie", this movie, which is one of the maiden editions to be shot in Botswana, is being filmed on location near Gaborone, the Botswana capital. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

Reacting to Sunday’s declaration of ceasefire in the ‘oil war’ launched by militants last week, the Defence Head Quarters said if the restive youths in the region are actually serious about stopping their acts of brigandage, they should show it by laying down their arms for the sake of national interest. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

Mauritania - International
Following the set back suffered from donor sanctions on Mauritania, the country is struggling to cope with the latest blow dealt them by the suspected terrorist attacks on 14 September in Tourine. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

People say the conventional thinking here by ZANU-PF supporters is that it is better to invade farms now, for if the new cabinet is formed, the door to invading farms will be shut. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

South africa
The African National Congress has just said this morning that its deputy leader Kgalema Motlanthe would become the country’s president until next year’s election. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

As fuel prices have risen so has electricity cost in Kenya and Kenyan industries are now faced with the harsh reality of business closures and likely relocations. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

Nigeria - United Kingdom
A Nigerian based group is preparing to table the asking price of 400 Million Pounds to take over Newcastle United, according to reports emanating from Abuja Nigeria. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

South africa
Former South African leader Thabo Mbeki, is fighting back. Less than 24 hours after he publicly announced his resignation, he has asked South Africa’s highest court for the right to urgently challenge the ruling that quashed ANC president Jacob Zuma’s prosecution and led to his political downfall. - Tuesday 23 September 2008

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