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Panafrica - United States
Is the USA gradually attaining the status of a third world country, financially ? Desperately in need of economic assistance, could the United States be compared to any other third world country ? Should the rest of the world alongside the IMF and the World Bank welcome them to the third world ? - Saturday 4 October 2008

United States - International
Given all that was said before the vice-presidential candidates debate by countless bloviators, commentators and those who masquerade as political reporters but never actually stray one inch from the campaign cocoon, the most remarkable thing is that it wasn’t really about Joe Biden and Sarah Palin at all. - Friday 3 October 2008

In the past months, 26 albinos have been killed in Burundi for their body parts. The witchdoctors have however been indicted with the murders with reports saying they seek albino body parts for blood-money rituals. - Friday 3 October 2008

The Nigerian Senate is presently considering a Bill aimed at restraining the activities of internet criminals as the government has come to realise the weight and capacity of the so called ‘group of hackers in Nigeria.’ - Friday 3 October 2008

Ivory Coast - Netherlands
Government lawyers from the Ivory Coast have said they may go ahead with criminal investigations against Trafigura, the Netherlands-based oil trader, which owned the oil waste dumped in open-air sites in Abidjan in 2006. - Friday 3 October 2008

Cameroon - Zimbabwe
As Dynamos FC of Zimbabwe’s prepares to do battle with Cameroonian champions Cotonsport Garoua it has accused top Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) offcial of smuggling a spy into their training camp. - Friday 3 October 2008

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) on Thursday called off a meeting of its decision making national executive council that sources had said was set to decide whether the party should pull out of a power-sharing agreement with Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF party. - Friday 3 October 2008

Nigeria - International
The Nnamdi Azikiwe and University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus (UNEC), stadiums, in Nigeria’s South East Enugu state, have been shut down for refurbishment, ahead of the Under-17 World Cup, tagged Nigeria 2009. - Thursday 2 October 2008

Kenyan police were still holding Thursday a maritime official arrested Wednesday for allegedly giving sensitive news to the press about the hijacked arms freighter off the Somalia coast. - Thursday 2 October 2008

South africa - United Kingdom
South Africa and Everton midfielder, Steven Pienaar has been branded, not guilty and will not face charges over a suspected assault on a woman in Liverpool. - Thursday 2 October 2008

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