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The serious threat to African economies posed by the global financial crisis is an emerging theme at the World Economic Forum. Politicians and economists have stressed that an era of relative optimism about Africa’s economic prospects is coming to a close. - Friday 30 January 2009

The African Union will adopt in total the recommendation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) aimed at resolving the current political crisis in Zimbabwe, Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs minister, Mr. Bernard Membe, said Thursday, at the start of the African Union Executive Council meeting. - Thursday 29 January 2009

Somalia - Japan
Japan has ordered its navy to prepare for a mission to guard against pirates off the coast of Somalia and plans to draw up legislation in the next two months to clear the way for its warships legally to combat modern-day buccaneers. - Thursday 29 January 2009

South africa - Zimbabwe
Last Sunday he had to slaughter 1000 of his pigs and feed the meat to crocodiles because farm invaders had decided that no pig feed would be allowed on the farm. Louis Fick has been farming with pigs, crocodiles, cattle, fish and grain near Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, since 1993. - Thursday 29 January 2009

Employees of Halliburton Inc., a United States energy services group, after an intensive investigation have been charged with acts of bribing Nigerian officials. - Thursday 29 January 2009

Only last week, Jonas Maduka, an albino, was killed in the village of Sogoso situated in the north-eastern parts of Tanzania. Jonas had just sat down to a meal when some people came soliciting his help. He was brutally attacked by the men as soon as he got out with the intention of helping them. They strangled him and cut off one of his limbs before taking to their heels. - Wednesday 28 January 2009

Ethiopia - Somalia
Only a couple of days after completely withdrawing all its troops from Somalia, Ethiopia has put its military on alert to go back to Somalia. At least, that is what the head of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, has led the press to believe. He confirmed that Ethiopian troops will move back into the volatile country if the occupation of the seat of parliament in Baidoa by Islamic group Al Shabab continues over the next few months. - Wednesday 28 January 2009

In Chad’s rural population, people can be seen struggling to cook with burning dung, pieces of furniture or pieces of paper. Those who have tried to use gas cookers are rumored to have set themselves on fire. - Wednesday 28 January 2009

Scores of pupils countrywide in Zimbabwe were on Tuesday left stranded after they were turned away by authorities as schools failed to open because of the strike by teachers. - Wednesday 28 January 2009

It is total chaos in Antananarivo the capital and largest city of Madagascar. Things fell apart in the usually calm island as anti-government protesters burned, looted and vandalized. - Wednesday 28 January 2009

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