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Racist attacks against Black players in European clubs have shot up in the past few years. Abedi Pele, the former Marseilles football star, now a FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association - International Federation of Association Football) ambassador against racism, in a recent trip to Paris, condemned the resurgence of this phenomenon in European stadiums. He also threw more light on South Africa and the 2010 World Cup. - Saturday 28 February 2009

Prime Minister Morgan Tsangirai, Saturday, attends Robert Mugabe’s lavish birthday party in Chinhoyi in a backdrop of famine and health crisis. Mugabe turned 85 last week. - Saturday 28 February 2009

Sufian Ahmed, Ethiopian Finance and Economic Development Minister, has indicated that the Central Bank’s tightening of lending to the private sector is a temporary measure that will help the government bring inflation down from 45 to 16 percent. He said the process may last between four and six months. - Friday 27 February 2009

These are hard times for anti-corruption campaigners, and harder still in Africa where activists face harassment and sometimes death. According to United Nations and World Bank estimates, corruption and transfer pricing cost Africa more than $150bn a year. - Friday 27 February 2009

Nigeria - Somalia
Persistent and high-profile acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia prompted no fewer than four meetings of the UN Security Council in the second half of 2008. The goal, pushed by major powers, was to begin reining in the growing threat to commercial activity in one of the world’s most important shipping lanes. But as Dumisani Kumalo, South Africa’s UN representative, told a council meeting last year, piracy in Somalia is “part of the larger problem of the lack of peace and stability.” - Friday 27 February 2009

Nigeria - India
The Indian firm, Global Infrastructure Holding Limited, in their effort to claim ownership of the disputed Ajaokuta Steel Company in Nigeria have used allegedly stolen official documents to make their claim. - Friday 27 February 2009

Panafrica - Israel
Some 3,000 African asylum-seekers have to leave Tel Aviv because of an August 2008 ruling by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. The ruling permits asylum-seekers to reside and work only in towns and cities north of Hadera and south of Gedera, about an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv, where they now live. - Thursday 26 February 2009

When several US investment houses collapsed last September, unleashing a chain of crashes in major markets around the world, brokers at Kenya’s Nairobi Stock Exchange anxiously watched the listings on their own boards. As feared, Nairobi share values did drop and by late October were down 18 per cent from the start of the year. But that decline was far less steep than those in New York, London, Tokyo and other global financial centres. - Thursday 26 February 2009

Potential investors in the Nigerian Oil sector have been left in panic-mode, questioning the Nigerian Oil sector, following the recent cancellation of the exploration rights awarded to a South Korean consortium in 2005, which is the second successive Oil License cancellation under the country’s past and current administration. - Thursday 26 February 2009

An unprecedented financial aid scheme to encourage mass education under the framework of the “Tayssir” proposal has been initiated in Morocco. Some 38,000 families with children enrolled in primary schools have already received financial aid ranging between 60 and 100 Dirham per month per pupil. - Thursday 26 February 2009

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