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Metro, the first graphic novel in Arabic, has become the latest cause of a loud Egyptian clamour. The cartoonist, Magdy el-Shafee, accused of violating public morality, is to appear Saturday before the Court. His novel, a bile in the mouths of Egyptian authorities, is a combination of raw dialogue and erotic images. Hosni Mubarak’s iron fist government has increased its attacks on the freedom of expression in Egypt. - Saturday 18 April 2009

In Sierra Leone village chiefs, community members and women who perform female genital cutting have signed an agreement stating that girls in northern Kambia district will not undergo genital mutilation – or ‘cutting’ – before age 18. - Friday 17 April 2009

Morocco - International - Western Sahara
There are irreconcilable differences between the Polisario Front and the Moroccan crown to find a common ground agreement on the future of Western Sahara. This is an established fact according to a UN report published Tuesday. Faced with this situation, Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, has called for slower and more progressive negotiations consisting of “informal meetings” and thorough preparations. - Friday 17 April 2009

International humanitarian aid efforts to Zimbabwe to help combat a continuing cholera outbreak and overcome widespread food shortages are intensifying. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also sent a mission to the country in March, the first in more than two years, to discuss with the government its policies for an economy ravaged by plunging revenues, hyperinflation and a collapsing infrastructure. - Friday 17 April 2009

Results of studies carried out on Lake Bosumtwi in southern Ghana are far from comforting. The West African nation has been advised to begin preparations for an imminent and inevitable drought of severe measures, reports have claimed. - Friday 17 April 2009

South africa
A South African presidential candidate has warned that his country risks being a one-party state, a system that has ruined many African countries. - Thursday 16 April 2009

Current African Union Leader, the radical Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi came into power through a coup d’état; he has been accused by some of crimes against humanity; he has often been linked with perpetuating conflicts and resource-wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone... but among all these accusations he refuses to be deterred from using his position to build Kwame Nkrumahs dream of a United States of Africa. He called on the continent to speed up the integration process against a backdrop of confused support and opposition. - Thursday 16 April 2009

Somalia - International
It emerged on Wednesday that pirates had attacked another US-flagged cargo ship off the coast of Somalia with rockets and automatic weapons, but failed to board the craft. The ship’s owner, Liberty Maritime Corp of Lake Success, New York, said in a statement that the crew of the Liberty Sun was unharmed during the incident on Tuesday, but the vessel suffered damage. - Wednesday 15 April 2009

Following an attack on Naval officers in the Niger Delta Creek by rebel militia, that left two soldiers dead and many more injured, the Nigeria Joint Task Force has waged what is described as a merciless rebel-hunt on the creek. Residents in the coastal enclave, especially male youths, are worried for their dear lives. - Wednesday 15 April 2009

South africa - France
A member South Africa’s Young Communist League was sent back to South Africa from France as he arrived in the French capital to attend a youth conference in the Basque country, the organisation has said. - Wednesday 15 April 2009

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