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Controvesial Professor Jonathan Moyo wants a reversal of the election of the speaker of parliament on August 25 election. The plan is being spearheaded by a number of hawks within Zanu-PF. It is alleged they are conniving with Tsholotsho North independent MP, Prof Moyo with the ultimate objective of bringing the tenure of Lovemore Moyo as Speaker of the 7th Parliament of Zimbabwe to a premature and inglorious end. - Tuesday 7 April 2009

Botswana - Zimbabwe
The London-based founder of the nonprofit group said human rights education will promote peace on the continent and help develop a new generation of independent-minded leaders. - Tuesday 7 April 2009

The most notorious Niger Delta rebel militia have kidnapped another Briton, adding to their list of British hostages, and they have sworn not to release their victims unless their leader is released by the Nigerian government. - Tuesday 7 April 2009

An estimated 29 000 youth militia members loyal to ZANU PF are still on a government payroll and being listed as civil servants, it has emerged. - Monday 6 April 2009

South africa
South Africa president in waiting Jcob Zuma is a free man. Prosecutors dropped all corruption charges against him ending a long legal battle that had raised doubts over his ability to govern. - Monday 6 April 2009

South africa
South African prosecutors Monday dropped corruption charges against Jacob Zuma, handing a major victory to the man who is almost certain to be elected the country’s next president later this month. - Monday 6 April 2009

Sudan - France - Canada
A Canadian and a French national, serving humanity in Darfur, under the Aide Medicale Internationale (AMI) agency have been kidnapped by Islamic Gunmen, at Ed el-Fursan in southern Darfur, reports have claimed. Two Sudanese AMI workers were also kidnapped along with them. - Monday 6 April 2009

The African Development Bank is finalizing its evaluation on Ethiopia’s Gibe III hydroelectric project. In a meeting with the press on April 3, Minister of Finance and Economic Development for Ethiopia, Sofian Ahemed, indicated that the project would be approved in May 2009. Faced with many criticisms concerning the oversight of some principal procedures pertaining to the ongoing mega hydroelectric project, the minister announced that “Every body can say whatever they want, (…) we have confidence in the bank”.
 The hydro power project, one of the country’s main projects, is expected to address the country’s growing power needs and “help curb the current power shortage and contribute to Ethiopia’s economic growth” Sofian said. - Monday 6 April 2009

Lolita is from Nigeria and at only 26 years of age her testimony seems almost unbelievable. Her story perfectly illustrates some of the hardships thousands of African women go through. Prostitution has reduced her to a drug addict and an alcoholic with aids pulling her into the doomed path of the grim reaper. - Saturday 4 April 2009

Nigeria - United States
The outstanding court case between Kano, a northern Nigeria State, and Pfizer, a U.S drug firm, has been further postponed to 25th of May, 2009, and both parties have now agreed to sort things out away from the courtroom. - Saturday 4 April 2009

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