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Jaafar Nimeiri, a Sudanese president who halted one of Africa’s most brutal civil wars in the 1970s but restarted it a decade later by imposing Islamic law, has died in Khartoum after a long illness at the age of 79. - Monday 1 June 2009

Chad - International
Unicef and the International Committee of the Red Cross have demanded the release of over 80 child soldiers imprisoned by the government of Chad. The child soldiers fought for the rebel Union of Resistance Forces (UFR) against the Chadian army in Am Dam, eastern Chad. - Monday 1 June 2009

Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has told his supporters that since entering into a coalition government with President Mugabe’s Zanu PF, the Movement for Democratic Change is suffering an identity crisis. - Monday 1 June 2009

Zanzibar authorities in Tanzania are yet to confirm the total number of people feared dead in Friday’s ferry disaster. The MV Faith which left the Ports in Dares-Salami, the capital of Tanzania in the afternoon, capsized minutes before it docked at the Malindi Ports of Stone Town in Zanzibar, late Friday night. - Monday 1 June 2009

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