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Zimbabwe’s government of national unity plans to scrap indigenisation laws introduced by President Robert Mugabe, in an effort to attract foreign investment and rebuild the stricken economy, Morgan Tsvangirai, prime minister, said on Tuesday. - Wednesday 24 June 2009

Panafrica - United States
Glance at any set of headlines and you will likely read about allegations of corrupt activities to the north, south, east or west. Donors of foreign aid, seeing the same headlines, increasingly try to catch those who siphon aid intended for the poor. - Wednesday 24 June 2009

Ghana - United States
A global investigation into the dumping of hundreds of millions of pounds of electronic waste around the world has revealed that while the practice threatens health conditions in Ghana, it also threatens security in the United States. Philips and Sharps remain defiant about their responsibility to recycle their old products. - Wednesday 24 June 2009

With 24,000 deaths each year, Africa is the second in line when it comes to continents affected by rabies, the first being Asia. A study by the Pasteur Institute in France recently provided a status report on this infection, which is mainly transmitted via dog bites, looking at the virus’s origin, evolution, genetic sequencing, among other factors. - Wednesday 24 June 2009

South africa - Mozambique
A casual conversation in a Pretoria, South Africa, café launched a dangerous investigation by Inácio Sebastião Mussanhane, a lawyer from Mozambique who was studying in South Africa. - Tuesday 23 June 2009

The World Heritage status for Victoria Falls is under siege after hotel companies and environmental groups voiced their concerns on plans to increase flights over the falls. - Tuesday 23 June 2009

The Ethiopian Government has moved to clear bank credits of six banned coffee exporters who had borrowed money for the purchase of 18,000 tonnes of export coffee at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange trading floor. - Tuesday 23 June 2009

Amnesty International (AI) has moved to protect four Somalians who are to be amputated for stealing following their condemnation by Islamist rebels al-Shabab. - Tuesday 23 June 2009

Panafrica - Ethiopia
An international conference that discussed the bioenergy development of Africa was held at the United Nations conference centre for three days from last Tuesday, June 16. - Monday 22 June 2009

Nigeria - Russia
Nigeria and Russia have agreed to cooperate on industrial, economic and military activities. The Russian president Mr. Dmitry Medvedev visits Nigeria for the first time to hold talks of possible Nuclear energy, Oil and military cooperation. - Monday 22 June 2009

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