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About twenty Islamist fighters were killed in an offensive carried out, Tuesday night, by the Malian army against a base belonging to the North African branch of Al Qaeda, in the north of Mali. The operation comes two weeks after the assassination of a British hostage and one week after a soldier was murdered in Timbuktu. Mali has pledged to continue its crackdown on terrorists operating on its soil. - Thursday 18 June 2009

Panafrica - United States
In its annual report on human trafficking, released Tuesday, the U.S. State Department has added seven countries, including six in sub-Saharan Africa, on its 2009 blacklist: Eritrea, Malaysia, Mauritania, Niger, Swaziland, Chad and Zimbabwe. This measure could be followed by economic sanctions if the countries concerned do not agree to actively fight against human trafficking. - Thursday 18 June 2009

The Madrid international airport in Spain was the scene of a violent expulsion, Tuesday, of an African immigrant, believed to be of Senegalese descent. In a video released on Youtube, the Spanish police is seen arresting a black man, tying him up, handcuffing him, harshly slamming him face down to the ground amid a torrent of tugs. The immobilized immigrant is pushed and shoved in all directions... Some of the onlookers describe the scene as one resembling a sheep being led to the slaughter. A total disrespect of human dignity as stunned travellers look on. - Wednesday 17 June 2009

Amnesty International’s secretary general Irene Khan who is in Zimbabwe has not yet met with President Robert Mugabe as their meeting awaiting approval. - Wednesday 17 June 2009

The government of Ethiopia has put a restriction on trucks with food supplies and prioritized trucks of fertilizers into the country as nine million Ethiopians face hunger and three months of starvation. - Wednesday 17 June 2009

Sudan - International
The credibility of the International Criminal Court, ICC and its Prosecutor, Louis Moreno-Ocampo could be in disrepute as the ongoing standoff on the indictment of Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir continues to cause controversy. - Wednesday 17 June 2009

An acclaimed plant breeder and geneticist who was born and grew up in rural Ethiopia has won the 2009 World Food Prize for his major contributions in the production of sorghum, one of the world’s five principal grains. - Tuesday 16 June 2009

Two Zimbabwe journalists; editor of the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, Vincent Kahiya and news editor Constantine Chimakure, accused of publishing falsehoods, have challenged the constitutionality of the charge they are facing and requested that their case be referred to the Supreme Court. - Tuesday 16 June 2009

The government of Omar al-Bashir in Khartoun Sudan has been strongly accused of proliferating arms in southern Sudan to destabilize the southern tribes ahead of a referendum on southern independence due in 2011. - Tuesday 16 June 2009

The few remaining white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe say they are no longer interested in farming and all they want is companasation. - Monday 15 June 2009

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