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Despite a referendum on full independence for southern Sudan planned for 2011, there are renewed tensions and uncertainty of peace between northern and southern Sudan after armed militias from northern Sudan attacked 27 UN boats carrying food to southern Sudan on Friday. Reports claim that several people have been killed. - Monday 15 June 2009

The Federal Government of Ethiopia has set an ambitious target to reduce the country’s monetary supply in line with its agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), however the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), the responsible entity with regard to monetary issues, has failed to tackle the growing trend of money floating around the economy. - Monday 15 June 2009

Panafrica - United Kingdom
The British government will embark on an in-depth study to measure how monies accrued from the slave trade were spent. The government announced recently that it will set up an online database of all slave owners in the country during the abolition of slavery in 1833 and will trace how the wealth was spent. - Monday 15 June 2009

The United States is now the latest country to dole out financial aid to Zimbabwe in an attempt to economically stabilize the inflation-ridden African country. President Obama has offered $73 millions in aid to encourage the rule of law, human rights, basic health, and education in Zimbabwe. - Saturday 13 June 2009

Zanu-pf’s parliamentary caucus who this week forced the postponement of constitutional hearing say most people in the rural areas are still harvesting. The process was due to begin Saturday. Their claims have been rejected by the two MDC factions. - Friday 12 June 2009

DR Congo - Uganda
Tensions are mounting between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ugandan authorities accuse Kinshasa of putting up a checkpoint on the shores of Lake Albert, which is overflowing with oil. On Wednesday, Congolese authorities called on their neighbours to remain calm. A study of the exact boundary between the two countries is underway. - Friday 12 June 2009

Panafrica - Gabon - France
When Omar Bongo was propelled to the presidency of Gabon in 1967, General De Gaulle still held the reins in Paris and Jacques Foccart, his Africa adviser, was busy establishing the political, commercial and intelligence networks that allowed France to continue exerting influence in its former African colonies. If this shadowy world, dubbed Francafrique, endured for decades to come, it was partly thanks to Bongo, one of its canniest operators. His death after nearly 42 years in power marks the end of an era. - Friday 12 June 2009

Panafrica - Libya - Italy
Libyan Leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi and current chairman of the African Union, has compared the US to al-Qeada, accused the international community of ignoring Libya’s efforts in giving up weapons of mass destruction and maintained a deal to intercept and forcibly repatriate immigrants arriving in Italy from Africa. As current chairman of the African Union, Gaddafi, who "is morally bound to cater for the well being of Africans, has chosen to sign deals that compromise the very people he is representing". The Libyan leader has signed a deal with the Italian Head of State, Silvio Berlusconi, "who is seeking to use him to increase his popularity rating". - Friday 12 June 2009

Zimbabwe’s plans to craft a new home grown constitution have derailed after Zanu PF resolved not to participate due to lack of allowancies for their members of parliament. - Thursday 11 June 2009

In the space of three months, the world has watched what seemed to be a localized flu outbreak in Mexico spread to 74 countries and infect some 27,737 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). - Thursday 11 June 2009

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