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Somalia - International
Militant Islamists reasserting themselves as the biggest obstacle to peace in Somalia were on Wednesday condemned by foreign powers for attempting to “overthrow the legal, legitimate and internationally recognised” government. - Thursday 11 June 2009

In 2005 a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed between the Southern Sudan Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Republic of Sudan. The CPA was aimed at giving a large degree of autonomy to Southern Sudan and bringing a 22 year-old war to an end. The CPA also included a deal to give the southern territory 50 per cent of its oil revenues. Southern Sudan has recently expressed its misgivings over the oil agreement. - Thursday 11 June 2009

Speaker of the senate in Gabon Madame Rose Francine Rogombe, nee Etomba, has been sworn in as interim president of Gabon, following the recent death of President Omar Bongo. The 66 year-old Madame Rogombe was sworn in at the International Conference Centre in the capital, Libreville, on Wednesday morning, and she has only 45 days to organize elections in the country. - Thursday 11 June 2009

South africa
With only five days before Confederations Cup in South Africa kicks off, players for the host’s have embarked on an embarrassing training boycott as they are demanding between R30m and R35m” for participating. - Wednesday 10 June 2009

Panafrica - Ghana - United States
When President Barack Obama steps foot in Ghana on the 10th of July 2009, he will be walking into one of the very few global contexts where George Bush will be a hard act to follow: “development aid to Africa”. The shocking fact, for many a Western Liberal or African Development Activist, is that George Bush Jr. gave more so-called “development aid” to Africa than any American President in history. - Wednesday 10 June 2009

Zimbabwe’s appalling human rights record will come under intense scrutiny at the weekend when Amnesty International secretary-general Irene Khan meets face to face with President Robert Mugabe. - Wednesday 10 June 2009

Nigeria - Somalia
Nigerian sailors captured by Somalian pirates have been released after ten months in captivity. A group of government delegates have been dispatched to Yemen to facilitate the return of the freed sailors. The pirates demanded a one million dollar ransom, but it is not clear if any ransom has been paid. - Wednesday 10 June 2009

South africa - International
South African taxmen have said they would be out in full force to collect tax from soccer stars in SA for the Fifa Confederations Cup which starts this week and the 2010 Soccer World Cup next year. - Tuesday 9 June 2009

Zimbabwe - Netherlands
Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was told in the Netherlands on Monday that his government had to implement serious political and economic reforms before it could expect a significant financial bail-out to revive its shattered economy. - Tuesday 9 June 2009

Royal Dutch Shell has opted to settle out of court in a case of oppression, environmental degradation, human rights violations, and murder against the people of Ogoni in Southern Nigeria: The oil giants have pacified the locals with the sum of US $15 million, ahead of a trial due next week in the United States. - Tuesday 9 June 2009

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