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Five judges in Zimbabwe have had their official top of the range vehicles confiscated by taxmen after the Ministry of Justice failed to register them. The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) officials grabbed the cars as part of its intensified clampdown on unregistered cars that were brought to Zimbabwe duty free. The seizure came after Finance Minister Tendai Biti held meetings with ZIMRA Commissioner General, Gershom Pasi on the clampdown on tax defaulters. - Thursday 23 July 2009

Panafrica - Morocco - Swaziland
King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, 46, in 2008 held the seventh position among the richest royals in the world, according to Forbes magazine’s top 15 wealthiest royals. Mohammed VI’s wealth, estimated at 500 million in 2000, has grown five times more in ten years. He is now richer than the emir of Qatar and six times richer than the Kuwaiti King. Despite his growing wealth, 5 million people in Morocco live on less than one euro per day. Swaziland’s King Mswati, the last on the fifteen wealthiest royal list is by no means the least. The Swazi monarch overtakes both the reknowned Spanish and Japanese royals. 70% of the Swazi people live on less than a dollar a day. - Thursday 23 July 2009

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) have conveyed a message of peace to the Nigerian government by setting free every foreign hostage in their hold. They (MEND) have however demanded that the Nigerian military withdraw from occupied communities in Delta State, so displaced people could return home in peace. - Thursday 23 July 2009

Panafrica - United Kingdom
The internationally acclaimed medical journal The Lancet Monday published the first scientific study showing that male homosexuals are more often than not infected with HIV than the general adult population in sub-Saharan Africa. With their presence in the African society sometimes denied and sometimes ostracized by society, these men are forgotten during HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns. - Thursday 23 July 2009

A historic decision that once and for all resolves the contentious issue of the boundaries of Abyei has finally been reached by the Hague based Permanent Court of Arbitration. The issue of Abyei has long been a major stumbling block that imperiled the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) until the partners of the Government of National Unity resolved a year ago to call on an international Tribunal to preside over the matter and determine the boundaries of the region. The decision of the court, as agreed upon by the parties at the outset, is to be final and binding to the parties, a commitment reiterated today by Mutrif Sidiq, the under-secretary for Foreign Affairs and Foreign minister Deng Alor. - Thursday 23 July 2009

United States
Sean "Diddy" Combs returns to MTV in his latest reality series "Making His Band" premiering Monday, July 27 at 10:00PM ET/PT. Marking a new twist, viewers will witness a personal side of Diddy as he launches a nationwide search for the musicians to back him up on tour for his new album LAST TRAIN TO PARIS, his most ambitious project yet. The album features a sound that Combs describes as electro-hip hop soul funk. - Wednesday 22 July 2009

Sudan - International
The United Nations has increased its peacekeeping mission in the disputed oil-rich Abyei region of Sudan ahead of a decision by The Hague to redraw the boundaries between North and South Sudan. This comes after their rejection of an earlier boundary drawn up as part of a peace deal. The North stands to benefit more from the region’s mineral resources, if the decision is made. The volatile but mineral rich Abyei region could see an eruption of violence if measures are not taken before a pending referendum. Swerving from calls for a Kosovo style intervention, British Foreign Secretary, David Milliband has suggested a different measure. - Wednesday 22 July 2009

Civil Servants in Zimbabwe, the bulk being teachers, will from Monday start receiving proper salaries instead of allowances as the bankrupt inclusive government said its revenue inflows were improving. - Wednesday 22 July 2009

South africa - International
The scientific community won’t be bogged down after the initial failure of an experimental HIV vaccine developed by the U.S. laboratory Merck & Co. Inc. Monday, the first phase of testing from a South African vaccine research was launched. - Wednesday 22 July 2009

Panafrica - Ghana
This strange affair did not make much noise in the media, but it is symptomatic of the current African crisis. While Ghana was busily preparing towards the visit of Barack Obama, early July, a 29 year–old woman, Emily Mabou, was getting married to an 18 month-old dog before a traditional priest in Aburi. - Tuesday 21 July 2009

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