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Ghana - United States
Barack Obama has chosen Ghana for his first official trip to sub-Saharan Africa. He is expected Friday evening for a two day visit. Although Mr. Obama has said that his visit is an encouragement for democracy in Ghana and Africa at large, some argue that the visit habours subtle economic interests. Ghana, the worlds second larget cocoa producer and Africa’s sencond biggest gold producer, officially becomes an oil producing nation from 2010. - Friday 10 July 2009

Zimbabwe’s security establishment, the army and police on Friday refused to leave diamond fields where they are accused of human rights abuses. This comes days after they indicated that they would withdraw. - Friday 10 July 2009

Ethiopia - Canada - International
The Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has elected Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Minister of Health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, as the new Board Chair. Ernest Loevinsohn, Director General of the Global Initiatives Directorate in the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), was elected Vice-Chair. - Friday 10 July 2009

Rebel Kingpin of Nigeria’s Niger Delta Henry Okah has agreed to call off his rebellion against the Nigerian government and walk free. Henry Okah has been facing treason and gun-running charges. - Friday 10 July 2009

Egypt - Germany - Russia
Germany has broken its silence. A week after the murder of an Egyptian woman, Marwa El-Sherbini, in a German court, Angela Merkel is expected to extend her condolences today to the Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, at the G8 summit in Italy. The crime, which has been widely termed as racist, has triggered strong protests in the victim’s native country. Egyptians have accused Germany for its lack of reaction. - Friday 10 July 2009

Panafrica - Ghana - United States
Last year, in the midst of the “Obama fever,” another event – by no means as historic as President Barack Obama’s election victory, but remarkable nonetheless – was shaping up in Ghana. In December 2008, Ghanaians went to the polls, for the fifth successive time since the country returned to constitutional rule in 1992, to elect a new president. The outcome: the closest election ever. About 9.5 million votes were cast in a runoff that saw John Atta-Mills beat out Nana Akuffo-Addo by only 41,000 votes. Yes, only 41,000 – less than one-half of a percent. - Thursday 9 July 2009

Ghana - Caribbean islands - United Kingdom
The case of Mabey & Johnson – which makes bridges based on the portable Bailey crossing used by Allied troops during the second world war – could become a model for future deals between investigators and corporations accused of paying backhanders to win contracts abroad. - Thursday 9 July 2009

Cameroon - Nigeria - China
Nigeria’s Niger Delta Militants have denied any involvement in the kidnapping of five Chinese fishermen in the Bakassi Peninsula, an area ceded by Nigeria to Cameroon in August, last year. Many international fishermen, licensed and unlicensed, fish off the coast of West Africa. - Thursday 9 July 2009

Two leading political parties in Zimbabwe, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and Zanu PF have connived to postpone a crucial constitution consultative conference as this intensifies speculation that the whole process would be aborted. - Thursday 9 July 2009

Ethiopia - Somalia - United States
Jacob Lew, Deputy Secretary of State of United States, last week made his first official trip to Ethiopia to strengthen the Obama administration’s ties with the Eastern African power. His visit which coincided with US concerns over the exacerbation of instability in the horn of Africa has, however, been linked to the expansion of development assistance to the government of Ethiopia. - Thursday 9 July 2009

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