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South africa
Themba Nolutshungu’s compelling evidence of the genetic relationship between Communism and Apartheid is ground breaking. He should know better, for he has lived in the worst of the two worlds – Apartheid South Africa under the blistering abuse by the Boers and of late African National Congress’ South Africa that pays little homage to transparency. At a time when the free world is commemorating the destruction of the Berlin Wall, his fellow countrymen housed in more secure walls at ANC’s Luthuli House, are obsessed with reconstructing the communist dragon. I suspect that the architects of ‘socialist revival’ may have been too young to taste the bitter pill of overzealous state control. - Monday 30 November 2009

South africa - Zimbabwe - United Kingdom
Zimbabwe has vowed to reject any proposals for it to return to the Commonwealth of nations, which the 85 year old President Mugabe once described as “a mere Queens tea club”. Mugabe, with the backing of his Zanu PF party, pulled Zimbabwe, a former British colony, out of the Commonwealth after the organisation renewed a suspension imposed a year earlier. - Monday 30 November 2009

Rwanda - France - Caribbean islands - United Kingdom
Rwanda has experienced another measure of development in its post-genocide era as the country becomes the 54th nation of the Commonwealth of Nations. Rwanda, a former colony of Germany and Belgium, becomes the second country after Mozambique to be admitted without a British colonial past or constitutional link to Britain. - Monday 30 November 2009

Algeria - Cameroon - France - International
Last Thursday, 20 year old Emene Nyame was crowned Miss “Model of the World” She is one of the rare beauties to have won anything for France on the international scene. Born in France to a Cameroonian father and an Algerian mother, Emene Nyame’s crown is yet another proof that women of colour have to moe out of France to achieve the respect they so often seek (Read Noemie Lenoir’s story). Her participation in Miss France 2009 earned her a bottom place. - Sunday 29 November 2009


As many as 10,000 albinos are in hiding in east Africa over fears that they will be dismembered and their body parts sold to witchdoctors, the Red Cross said in a recent report.

The killings of albinos in Burundi and Tanzania, who are targeted because their body parts are believed to have special powers, have sparked fears among the population in the two countries, the report said.

Body parts of albinos are sought in some regions of Africa because they are believed to bring wealth and good luck. Attackers chop off limbs and pluck out organs to sell to dealers, who in turn sell them to witchdoctors.

- Sunday 29 November 2009

Kenya - Uganda - Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe
Hosts ’Harambe Stars’ of Kenya started on a horrendous note loosing 2-0 to the clinical ’Chipolopolo boys’ of Zambia, in the first match of the Orange CECAFA senior challenge cup. A rather disappointing result given the professional players that Kenya had fielded. - Sunday 29 November 2009

Kenya - Uganda
Kenyans living in the Uganda-Kenya border towns of Malaba and Busia have appealled to the Uganda government to arrest and deal with traders who have been mixing the food they sell to them with soil and sand. Kenyan traders who have unknowingly bought the contaminated food from Ugandan traders and resold them to their fellow citizens have been attacked by angry customers. - Sunday 29 November 2009

Morocco - Spain - Western Sahara
The hunger-strike of Nobel Prize nominee Aminatou Haidar has drawn the attention of the world to the plight of Western Sahara, but at what personal cost? - Saturday 28 November 2009

DR Congo - Uganda
Environmentalists and politicians from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda have expressed concerns over the rate at which Rwenzori mountain snow is melting. Rwenzori mountain is at the border of the two countries. They claim that the two countries could find themselves due to climatic change effects on the Ruwenzori Mountains. - Saturday 28 November 2009

France - United States - International
What film are you planning on seeing this weekend? You may be thinking of seeing either The Male Domination or The Time Traveler’s Wife. - Friday 27 November 2009

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