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There are growing fears in Mali, amongst farmers, over land availability, as the government leases out large portions of arable lands to foreign investors. The leased lands are some of the most fertile rain-fed land in Mali, but Mali’s Agriculture Minister has said that the country has no choice if it is to feed its own population. - Saturday 5 December 2009

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is pushing a bill that would impose the death penalty on HIV positive gay men. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 seeks to impose the death penalty on gay men who are HIV-positive for “aggravated homosexuality”. In Uganda today, homosexuality is already a crime punishable by a prison life term. This proposed law would not just condemn HIV positive gay men and "repeat offenders" to death, it would also jail for three years anyone who knows a gay man but refuses to report them to the authorities. In addition to that, anyone who defends gay rights in public will be sentenced to seven years in prison. - Saturday 5 December 2009

Zimbabwe - United States
I am not a street activist, but more from the irritable pool of intellectual key-punchers who hope that Robert Mugabe and his cronies are literate enough to notice how collective resentment and hatred for shameless, fascist dictatorship is better expressed in the written word. This I say because there is a fallacy pervading Zimbabwean society that the number of times and period that one is beaten and arrested is the only means of verifying serious political activism. And perhaps there is precedence to this malnourished viewpoint, given that the icons of Africa’s liberation struggle have, at one time or other, had a bruising encounter with local justice systems. - Saturday 5 December 2009

United Kingdom - Spain - Western Sahara
Stretchered out of an ambulance, her face covered with a turquoise blanket, hunger striking and human rights activist Aminatou Haidar returned to her makeshift home of the past 19 days in Lanzarote airport amid the tears of her supporters. - Friday 4 December 2009

United Kingdom - Spain - Western Sahara
A delegation from Britain has met with Nobel Peace prize nominee, Aminatou Haidar, who has been on hunger strike in the Lanzarote airport for eighteen days. - Friday 4 December 2009

South africa
South African leader Jacob Zuma is splashing a whopping R65-million (over 8.8 million US dollars) in expanding his rural home of Nkandla. The new homestead is expected to have a police station, a helicopter pad, and a military clinic, all at his own cost, his office said Friday. - Friday 4 December 2009

Uganda’s government should reform the country’s election laws to improve accountability for election-related crimes and reduce the risk of violence in the upcoming 2011 elections, Human Rights Watch has said in a report released today. - Friday 4 December 2009

At the recent Food Security Summit in Rome world leaders unanimously renewed their pledge to eradicate hunger. The South-South Summit in Nairobi this week renews commitment to reducing hunger as one of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), dubbed “a blueprint for a better world” by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. But what if the blueprint, admirable as it might be, is just too complicated? - Friday 4 December 2009

Panafrica - France - Belgium - Switzerland - Germany
Lufthansa, Swiss and Brussels Airlines have merged forces to provide a seamless travel, otherwise known as a ‘free-from-disturbance’, product towards Africa. With 200 flights per week, the trio will, henceforth, have a joint total of 31 destinations to 25 countries. - Friday 4 December 2009

Guinea military leader Capt Moussa Dadis Camara has been shot in an act of mutiny that has left the West African nation and international community alert. - Friday 4 December 2009

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