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Panafrica - United Kingdom
Drogba, Yaya Touré, Eto’o, Essien or Trésor Mputu? Polls have opened for the BBC African footballer of the year. The suspense will end on January 8, 2010 when the winners will be announced. - Thursday 3 December 2009

A bomb attack perpetrated Thursday in Somalia by a student suicide bomber has killed three government ministers. The suicide bomb attack occurred on the premises of Hotel Shamow in Mogadiscio during a graduation ceremony. Two journalists, including Hassan Zuber Hadji, a cameraman from al-Arabiya, have been killed. Nineteen people have so far been reported dead. - Thursday 3 December 2009

Ethiopia - China
Norway is now the second country after China to financially support Ethiopia’s hydropower development after a loan request for the Eastern African country’s mega Gibe III hydropower was rejected by the World Bank and other financial institutions. - Thursday 3 December 2009

South africa
A small but vocal political party in South Africa has joined calls for former president Thabo Mbeki to be held accountable for his role in the HIV/Aids pandemic. - Thursday 3 December 2009

The saying, “it’s the thought that counts,” sounds generous and openhearted in the United States. It sounds laughable in Africa, at least at Tabaski. A better saying, to use a British slang term for food, might be, “It’s the tuck that counts”—along with the clothes, kids, company, and conversation. Tabaski is all in the doing. The Letter of James comes to mind: “I will show you my faith by my works.” - Thursday 3 December 2009

There is an ongoing conflict of opinions as to whether the Nigerian President Mr. Umaru Yar’Adua should stay in office or resign. His health has reportedly affected his ability to administer the country. The president is currently being treated in Saudi Arabia for a heart problem. - Thursday 3 December 2009

Ethiopia - United States
A petition collected from two million Ethiopian’s urging America to take the lead on the coming climate negotiations has been sent to the US President Barack Obama. - Wednesday 2 December 2009

Equatorial Guinea
Although definite results were not expected until December 7, the Equatoguinean Interior Ministry announced Tuesday that interim results, given earlier, were almost final. And rightly so. Currently ahead, with more than 95 per cent of the votes cast, Teodoro Obiang Nguema is assured of an uninterrupted absolute control of Equatorial Guinea since 1979. This oil rich and relatively minute strips of land, 28,051 square km, is the bellwether of endemic institutional corruption, ahead of many corrupt countries in the Central African region. - Wednesday 2 December 2009

South africa - Zimbabwe - United States
Finance Minister Tendai Biti on Wednesday ruled out the re-introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar saying the multiple use of currencies would continue but had no kind words for beer drinkers. - Wednesday 2 December 2009

One of the most stable democracies in the developing world, Botswana boasts the least corruption in Africa and a post-independence history of unprecedented economic growth. Average life expectancy skyrocketed from 49 years in 1966 to almost 70 years in the mid-1990s, and at that time researchers projected the average life expectancy would reach 70 years by 2009 — almost as high as that in the United States. - Wednesday 2 December 2009

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