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South africa - France
Finally the World Cup draws are up and now all participating countries know who will play who, when and where. There was relief is Paris when news floated in that the France national team "Les Blues" are not in the always mighty group of death, brewing hopes of clinching through the group stages, many believe. But South Africa’s Bafana Bafana, despite a less than impressive performance in recent times, could pull a rabbit out of their hat. - Saturday 12 December 2009

Ghana - Equatorial Guinea
President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, recently held bilateral talks with President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea. And according to the west African country’s national newspaper, the Daily Graphic, President Mills “impressed on the central African country to share the best practices in oil and gas industry with Ghana”. This is no doubt one of the worst decisions the Ghanaian President has made yet! - Friday 11 December 2009

South africa - Zimbabwe
South Africa has told its neighbor, Zimbabwe, to speedily resolve its political crisis saying it would not allow the country to disturb the 2010 Fifa World Cup tournament. - Friday 11 December 2009

Nigeria - International
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has begun its inspection of the polluted communities in the Nigeria’s Niger Delta. A lack of maintenance, oil tapping, and damage to oil infrastructure and facilities over the last 15 years has left the oil-rich region highly polluted. - Friday 11 December 2009

Somalia - Sudan - United States

Some intellectuals argue that models may be genetically gifted for putting on designer clothes and strutting their silhouettes down the catwalk, but they are not intelligent, much less could they make for the best writers. But prestigious American University Princeton may beg to differ, dispelling the "dumb model" stereotype... And in the process the internationally acclaimed university has whipped up a hue and cry over one of its new courses for the 2009-2010 semester: "Model Memoirs: The Life Stories of International Fashion Models".

Accused by thier rival Harvard of fostering pop culture, the university has defended itself by saying that the course "Explores the life-writing of American, African, and Asian women in the fashion industry as a launching point for thinking about race, gender, and class." Who knows, may be the course will change people’s perception about models or just bring a new appreciation to the people behind what the French aptly term as "Haute Couture". Among the biographies chosen are the best sellers written by the Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek and Somali model Waris Dirie.

- Friday 11 December 2009

Morocco - United Kingdom - Western Sahara
On the day the Barack Obama picked up his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, one of the unsuccessful Peace Prize nominees, Aminatou Haidar, was on the on the 25th day of a hunger-strike at an airport in Lanzarote. Today, leaders from around the world received a hand-signed letter from Ms Haidar, asking for their urgent support. In some countries such as Britain, the letter was delivered by a high profile delegation including Kelvin Hopkins MP, and celebrity figures including actor, Lenny Henry. Other world leader, such as South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, received his letter through diplomatic channels via the High Commissioner to London. Translated versions of the letter were sent to Chancellor Merkel in Germany and President Sarkozy in France. - Thursday 10 December 2009

Ethiopia - Kenya
Kenya’s Energy Minister, Kiratu Murangi has expressed his country’s readiness to cover half the cost of Ethiopia’s Gibe III Hydropower Project, that is, if international financial institutions reject their funding request. The surprise announcement was made when he met Alemayehu Tegenu, his Ethiopian counterpart, last Friday. Kenya has until now not only expressed misgivings over the construction of the Gibe III hydropower plant, which it claims would negatively impact its environment, but also suspicions over Ethiopia’s alleged plans to use the project’s water resources for a huge irrigation project. - Thursday 10 December 2009

Security was heightened last night at Zanu PF congress with the army and Central Intelligence Organisation operatives pitching up a temporal base as tensions ran high. - Thursday 10 December 2009

Following the arrest of a leader of a rising opposition party in Nigeria by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the country’s democracy has been questioned. Some politicians have accused the authorities of trying to scamper their plans to unite against the ruling party. Attahiru Bafarawa, who ran for president in 2007, was arrested whilst in a meeting trying to form an opposition party for an election due in 2011. - Thursday 10 December 2009

Panafrica - Guinea - France
The Guinean junta has accused France and its secret services of being the brains behind the assassination attempt on Guinea’s president, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, in an alleged effort to destabilise the country. The junta, the National Council for Democracy and Development (CNDD) has also suspended its participation in the Ouagadougou negotiations under the auspices of Burkinabe president, Blaise Compaoré. - Thursday 10 December 2009

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