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Egypt - Ethiopia
Ethiopia is set to grant 20,000 hectares of land to Egypt, making the latter the biggest foreign acquisitor of agricultural land in Ethiopia. - Monday 11 January 2010

Panafrica - South africa - International
The Man in charge of the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, Danny Jordan, has lashed out at critics linking the ‘terrorist’ attack on the Togo national football team in Cabinda, Angola, to security fears in South Africa when it hosts the world cup in June. - Monday 11 January 2010

Sierra Leone
The Sierra Leone forestry guard has warned of impending environmental hazards following the indiscriminate deforestation practices in the country. This warning has forced the government to place a ban on all wood felling and export. - Monday 11 January 2010

Panafrica - Angola - Mali
What a spectacular start for this twenty-seventh African Cup of Nations! Trailing by 4-0, the Eagles of Mali closed the gap in impeccable style and finished the game with a 4 all, denying Angola a victory no one thought possible. - Monday 11 January 2010

It all started, as these things often do, with the second bottle of wine. Amber and Sophia were having one of their semi-regular hang sessions. Once or twice a month, depending on their need for a sisterhood connection, they would meet at one of the women’s apartments—usually Sophia’s because hers was decidedly larger and more homey—and spend the evening eating, drinking and catching up on each other’s lives. - Sunday 10 January 2010

Panafrica - Togo
The atmosphere in Lomé, the Togolese capital, is morose. Two Togolese were killed after an attack on a bus carrying the national team by rebels of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC), last Friday. The bus was sprayed with bullets as it crossed the border between Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, host country of the 2010 African Cup of Nations (CAN-2010). The government has decided to cancel the Hawks’ participation in the games and called them back to Togo where a three day national mourning will be observed, starting Monday. - Sunday 10 January 2010

The author of the controversial anti-gay bill which was recently tabled in Uganda’s parliament, David Bahati, has said that pro-gays in Uganda and the world at large are distorting what is in the bill to win sympathy. - Sunday 10 January 2010

It’s now official. Togo has withdrawn from the African Cup of Nations which kicks off this Sunday. The decision comes after a bus carrying the Togolese national team was attacked by armed rebels in the Cabinda province of Angola. - Saturday 9 January 2010

International - Western Sahara
Just weeks after one human rights activist cheated death by hunger strike, seven others have appeared before a military tribunal facing the death penalty. - Saturday 9 January 2010

Panafrica - Nigeria
Nigeria’s Onyekachi Apam tells the Super Eagles are ready to take on anyone who stands in between the Nigerian team and the 2010 African Cup of Nations’ title. - Saturday 9 January 2010

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