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South africa
South Africa’s fourth President Jacob Zuma is embroiled in a new sex scandal. The polygamous President has allegedly fathered a child with the daughter of one of his friends. The news comes shortly after his fifth marriage early this year. - Monday 1 February 2010

Another wave of diamond rush has hit Zimbabwe sparking a fierce battle to control the field site. This time diamonds said to be of high industrial quality have been found at the remote countryside of Chipinge in the eastern part of the country close to Mozambique. - Monday 1 February 2010

Nigeria’s recent political upheaval, in the face of an absentee president has been worsened by news that factions of disgruntled rebels of the Nigeria’s Niger Delta would disregard the 2009 presidential truce, and resume attacks on oil installations and establishments. - Monday 1 February 2010

Uganda - Haiti
The government of Uganda and Ugandans have so far collected 300,000,000 Uganda shillings, (equivalent of 1.5 million US dollars) towards assisting people affected by earthquake in Haiti. - Monday 1 February 2010

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