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Somalia - International
Contractors, local UN workers and Islamist militants in Somalia have been accused of diverting food aid meant for refugees and destitute Somalis for their own consumption, a United Nations study has revealed. The report is due to be officially presented to the UN Security Council on 16 March. - Thursday 11 March 2010

Uganda - Sudan
As business grows and Ugandan businessmen and manufacturers scavenge more for ready market in southern Sudan, companies in Uganda have decided to start manufacturing their goods in southern Uganda. - Wednesday 10 March 2010

Namibian government could take the Zimbabwean route in distributing land to its black population after expressing frustration over the slow pace of land reform. - Wednesday 10 March 2010

Panafrica - Italy
Point-based residence permits, buses for immigrants, removal of public benches to prevent immigrants from gathering… These are some of the new proposals from the Northern League, represented by the Berlusconi government, against non-EEC migrants. The Italian opposition denounces renewed harassment against foreigners. - Wednesday 10 March 2010

Thanks to Robert Mugabe’s reign of record-breaking incremental destruction, my country is struggling to redeem itself from the abyss of infrastructure collapse, so much that even hardcore urbanites like me have to make do with irritating wood smoke just to have a warm plate of sadza [Zimbabwe’s staple maize meal paste]. And that was without additional injury to the back breaking exercise. A week ago, I was stung by a small black scorpion on my big toe as I chopped firewood to beat Zimbabwe’s notorious power outages. - Wednesday 10 March 2010

South africa - Brazil
After hand-picking 29 mostly local-based players, among whom he hopes to clinch his final World Cup squad, South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira and his team have left for Brazil in high spirits for their one-month camp that starts this week. - Wednesday 10 March 2010

The return to sectarian violence in the Plateau State city of Jos has been largely described as a revenge from the deadly attacks in January. It has also been reported that some of the perpetrators were mercenaries from neighboring Chad and Niger. - Wednesday 10 March 2010

South africa
South Africa’s controversial ex-wife of former President Nelson Mandela, Winnie has rebuked him for neglecting the poor and coming out of prison a changed person. - Tuesday 9 March 2010

United States
The United States of America has urged the Nigeria government to investigate the Jos killings and bring those involved to justice. - Tuesday 9 March 2010

South African President Jacob Zuma’s recent state visit to Britain seems to be yielding fruit. Zuma, who took along a dozen cabinet ministers and 200 businesspeople, had not only economic interests in his agenda. - Tuesday 9 March 2010

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