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President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is expected to meet with Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, during a two-day visit to the country starting on 17 July. During his visit, Nwanze will also meet with top government officials from the finance, agriculture and trade ministries. - Friday 16 July 2010

Burundi - Kenya - Uganda - Rwanda - Tanzania - United States
The East African Community Nyerere Centre for Peace Research (EAC-NCPR) in cooperation with Arcadia University in the USA has offered new scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from the EAC Partner States for training programs in Human Rights Law in Africa. The training programs which began this week will run for five weeks. - Friday 16 July 2010

Morocco - United States - United Kingdom
For most Britons 7th July 2005 will be remembered as the day that al Qaeda terrorists attacked London. But five years on, no link has been established between the 7/7 bombers and al Qaeda. Whilst its possible that two of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer and Mohammad Sidique Khan, may have visited training camps in Pakistan and met with al Qaeda operatives there is no evidence of this. This week a report from the Centre for Social Cohesion analysing Islamist terrorist offences in Britain over the last decade finds that only 14.5 per cent of terrorism offenders had links with al-Qaeda. And yet despite this a belief persists that most Islamic jihadist attacks, including the 7/7 bombings, are somehow masterminded by al Qaeda. - Friday 16 July 2010

Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the 11/7 twin bombings in Kampala, Uganda which caused the death of 73 people and wounded 85 more. The extremist group has installed its own brutal version of the Islamic Sharia law, which includes a ban on women wearing bras and the killing of unfortunate women or children who fall victim to rape. Close-up on this Somali Islamist group that controls over 80% of the Horn of Africa country. - Friday 16 July 2010

DR Congo
Following its decision, dated 8 July, 2010, imposing an unconditional stay on the proceedings of the case The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) today ordered the release of the accused. According to the judges, an accused cannot be held in preventative custody on a speculative basis, namely that at some stage in the future the proceedings may be resurrected. - Friday 16 July 2010

Panafrica - United States - United Kingdom
Given to ritual murders and a sedentary lifestyle, African serial killers are quite peculiar. And with most countries lacking the resources to keep DNA profiles and fingerprint records, Africans are much less protected than their U.S. or European counterparts against serial killers. Both in past and recent years, many crimes in Africa have been dismissed as ritual murders while some serial killers have been described as by-products of western civilization. French serial-killer specialist, Stephane Bourgoin who has traveled the length and breadth of the continent, talks to about a phenomenon that is widely misunderstood across Africa. - Friday 16 July 2010

DR Congo - United States
The United States has passed a legislation that will crack down on companies listed on a U.S. stock exchange, dealing in minerals that fuel violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. President Barack Obama is expected to sign the legislation into law next week. - Friday 16 July 2010

Sudan - United States - International
The upcoming referendum in southern Sudan to decide the region’s political future must be “free, fair, credible and transparent” to ensure lasting peace and stability for the whole nation, and that is a goal the U.S. government is working hard to achieve, says U.S. Presidential Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration. - Friday 16 July 2010

Libya - Israel
Amalthea, a ship chartered by the Libyan Gaddafi Foundation to deliver food and medicine to the Palestinian people who have been under Israeli naval blockade for 3 years, Thursday began unloading its cargo in the Egyptian port of Al-Arish. Originally scheduled to sail to Gaza, Amalthea made a last minute about-turn for Egypt. Disappointed, pro-Palestinian activists who boarded Amalthea — six Libyans, an Algerian, a Moroccan and a Nigerian — have refused to support the delivery of aid to Gaza by land. Discover Amalthea’s stormy saga. - Friday 16 July 2010

The Government of the United Arab Emirates has signed an agreement with the Government of Seychelles to fund the construction of a new Seychelles Coast Guard base on Ile Perseverance, in a project worth 15 million US dollars. - Friday 16 July 2010

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