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Zimbabwe government has defended its controversial decision to grant parental leave to schoolgirls who fall pregnant as parents accused it of promoting teen sex. - Tuesday 31 August 2010

Panafrica - Ethiopia - Uganda - Somalia
The battle for control of Mogadishu has intensified and the African Union, backing the Somalian government, has suffered a loss of four of its men after an insurgent mortar hit Somalia’s presidential palace. - Tuesday 31 August 2010

Nigeria’s information minister Dora Akunyili’s rebranding Nigeria project is one with good intents. Better branding with a little more rigorous positive marketing effectively positions a commodity in a stiffly competitive market. However is Dora’s re-branding project headed in the right direction? - Tuesday 31 August 2010

Ethiopian Airlines has made an overwhelming insurance claim from the state owned Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC) for the crash of one of its aircraft off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon in January this year. - Tuesday 31 August 2010

Berlin, the German capital, has opened its first African library. Since mid-August, 2010, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc, dedicated to the African continent have been put at the disposal of those who may be interested in learning more about Africa. - Monday 30 August 2010

Thousands of Kenyans braved the early Friday morning chill in Nairobi as they thronged to Uhuru Park to witness the promulgation of the new constitution for the Republic of Kenya, a historic event described as the birth of a new republic. - Monday 30 August 2010

Zimbabwe’s long-time ruler, President Robert Mugabe on Sunday stunned black farmers as he questioned their agriculture skills saying the current new crop of farmers would not restore the country’s status as a bread basket. - Monday 30 August 2010

The national chairman of an independent campaign team mobilizing support for Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan ahead of forthcoming presidential elections has been released just three days after he was kidnapped. - Monday 30 August 2010

President Yoweri Museveni has announced his candidature for the chairmanship of Uganda’s ruling party National Resistance Movement Party (NRM) and Presidential flag bearer for the party in the forthcoming national Presidential elections in 2011. - Sunday 29 August 2010

Governments world-wide are struggling to solve the problem of deficiencies in their schooling systems. Politicians, teachers, educationists, administrators, employers, parents, politicians, policy analysts and students have differing ideas on how the problem should be solved. All agree that something is wrong. All have ideas on the kind of tinkering that is needed to fix the problem. The framework within which schooling functions is seldom or ever questioned; a framework that is little changed since schooling was nationalised in England in the late 19th and in the US in the early 20th centuries. - Friday 27 August 2010

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