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Panafrica - South africa
A team of archaeologists led by Dr. Marlize Lombard from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa have discovered the first direct evidence of the use of arrows by man. The information, published in the journal Antiquity last week, reveals that several ancient arrowheads, dated over 64,000 years, were discovered in a Sibudu cave, about 40 kilometers north of Durban. Traces of glue on the tips of the cut stones show that humans, even at that time, could construct complex tools. - Wednesday 1 September 2010

Uganda - Somalia
The government of Uganda has today afternoon received the bodies of four Ugandan Peace-keepers who were killed by Al Shabab militants in Somalia on Monday. - Wednesday 1 September 2010

Morocco - Western Sahara
To the utter dismay of the Spanish Government eleven Spanish activists were arrested Saturday in El-Aaiún, the capital of Western Sahara, by the Moroccan police during a demonstration for the territory’s independence. Released and deported back to Spain, the eleven activists claim they were tortured by the Moroccan police, who they plan to take to court. And while Madrid seeks to settle the row, Rabat has remained reticent on the affair. - Wednesday 1 September 2010

A humanitarian devastation after last month’s floods threatens to throw south Sudan’s referendum for independence into confusion following the displacement of over 60,000 of its population. The region’s population of 8 million is short of food and malaria has broken out. - Wednesday 1 September 2010

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