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Over 4,500 houses located in different parts of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa have been earmarked to be demolished this year [2010-2011 fiscal year] under a development plan. The plan will not only affect illegally built houses. For the time being, the city is struggling with compensation payments to owners of legally built structures which will be affected by the plan. - Tuesday 21 September 2010

Kenya - Uganda
The number of Kenyans so far charged with being involved in the July 11th 2011 bomb blasts in Kampala in which over 70 people died has today risen from 14 to 16 after 2 more were charged in Nakawa magistrate’s court in Uganda. - Monday 20 September 2010

Daily iron requirements are particularly high for women before they reach the menopause. This is of course due in part to the blood loss associated with periods. - Monday 20 September 2010


The UN’s nuclear watchdog has given the green light for Egypt’s first nuclear reactor, after President Hosni Mubarak pledged work closely with the agency, according to the Russian news service RIA Novosti.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has given its approval for the plant, to be constructed west of the capital Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast.

President Hosni Mubarak first announced plans to launch a number of nuclear power plants in Egypt in 2007.

- Monday 20 September 2010


- Monday 20 September 2010

"What is the meaning of life?", "Is there a God?" and even "Do blondes have more fun?" - these are apparently the world’s trickiest questions.

Internet search engine Ask Jeeves has compiled what it called a top 10 of "unanswerables" in the past decade.

The list is based on some 1.1 billion queries made on the site since its launch in 2000.

Other weighty issues include mortality, love and fame, but "did Tony Soprano die?" also made it on the list.

- Monday 20 September 2010

Facebook said on Monday it is not building a mobile phone, dismissing a TechCrunch story that it is working on software for a device from a hardware manufacturer.

"The story is not accurate," according to a company statement. "Our approach has always been to make all phones and apps more social, not build a phone. The bottom line is that whenever we work on a deep integration, people want to call it a "Facebook Phone" (even internally) because that’s such an attractive sound bite, but our real strategy is to make everything social and not build one phone or integration."

TechCrunch reported that Facebook wanted more control over a phone’s operating system in order to more deeply integrate with phone features such as contact lists.

- Monday 20 September 2010

Children who are exposed to a cold-like virus when young are more likely to develop obesity, scientists have claimed.

The virus, which causes coughs and colds and is spread by dirty hands, could also attack fat cells causing them to multiply.

This increase can trigger a significant gain in weight, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego examined 124 children aged eight to 18 for antibodies created when their immune systems were exposed to adenovirus 36.

- Monday 20 September 2010

A planned trip to Cuba this week by Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika has come under attack from the opposition who claim that his agenda is “to learn succession plan of his presidency to his young brother, Peter”. - Monday 20 September 2010

Islamist militants in Somalia have taken control of major independent radio stations in their bid to infiltrate the Somali public with extreme Islamic propaganda and overthrow the transitional government backed by the United Nations and the United States. - Monday 20 September 2010

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