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The Nigerian Joint Task Force operating in the troubled Niger Delta region opened fires on protesters without provocation, reports have claimed. The demonstrators were protesting slum house demolition in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. - Tuesday 12 October 2010

Uganda supreme court has ruled that bride price should stay after an appeal by MIFUMI, an NGO based in eastern Uganda. - Monday 11 October 2010

Much of the recent reporting about Niger could lead readers to believe that beyond political turmoil and tragic famine, nothing else is worth the attention. Yet, the United Nations reports, the West African nation can claim a major — but under-reported — achievement: in absolute terms, it is among those few countries in the world where child mortality has declined the most. - Monday 11 October 2010

Panafrica - Congo
"Naked woman, black woman. Dressed in your color that is life, in your form that is beauty!", reads the famous line from Leopold Senghor’s Femme Noire. And yet, day in day out, the man regarded as one of the most revered African intellectuals of the last century is ridiculed down to his toe nails. Natural beauty? What natural beauty. From New York, London, Paris to Brazzaville, via Abidjan, Bamako, Dakar, Douala..., it is becoming increasing rare to come across Black women strutting their naturally strong feminine magnetism. Apart from the outrageous skin lightening phenomenon, the sexy afro hair has not only given way to synthetic hair, but hairs that are grown on Indian, Brazillian and Chinese heads. Congo, a typical African setting, has become the quintessential burlesque of the counterfeited African woman. Needless to say, it is a high return enterprise for a woman who proudly calls herself the Congolese "Marilyn Munroe"! - Monday 11 October 2010

As the referendum that could see Sudan split into two nations nears, the governments of north and south Sudan continue to accuse each other of preparing a military stockpile on the proposed borderline. The issue remains the main source of worry to UN delegates dedicated to avoid conflict in the country. - Monday 11 October 2010

Panafrica - South africa - United States - European Union
South African researchers are benefitting from a unique partnership between NASA and agencies in Africa and Europe that is sending more than 30 terabytes of satellite data to support sustainable development and environmental applications in Africa, the U.S. space agency announced October 6. - Sunday 10 October 2010

The Board of Directors of the World Bank has approved a 150 million dollar fund to Ethiopia. The fund aims to support and increase the country’s agriculture productivity, and also to enhance market access for key products. It also seeks to improve the country’s food security. - Sunday 10 October 2010

After over twenty years of searching in the scientific wilderness, researchers have developed an effective vaginal microbicide gel that can block HIV transmission. The gel, laced with the antiretroviral drug tenofovir, can cut overall HIV infection rates by 39 percent and empower women whose intimate partners refuse to use condoms. Despite the hope inherent in this breakthrough, and the international elation that greeted it, funding goals for the follow-up trials needed to confirm these results and begin the process of getting the gel into women’s hands have not been met. - Saturday 9 October 2010

An unprecedented high rate of women gang-raping men in Zimbabwe has baffled the country and has forced police boss to institute full scale investigations into the motive. - Friday 8 October 2010

South africa - Botswana - Ethiopia - Ghana - Kenya - Nigeria - Uganda - Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe
The United States will invest $130 million over the next five years to transform African medical education and increase the number of health care workers on the continent, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced October 7. - Friday 8 October 2010

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