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Although Uganda’s incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni won the past two general and presidential elections of 2001 and 2006, statistics have shown that he gained only 30 per cent of Uganda’s northern votes notwithstanding his strong support base in other regions where he scored over 60 per cent. - Monday 22 November 2010

Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) has expressed concern that some critical decisions reached by their heads of state are not being implemented as scheduled at the African Union level. And Zimbabwe has accused Libyan leader of breaking other countries’ protocol in pursuance of his agenda. - Monday 22 November 2010

Military officers in Madagascar who declared to take over the government of current president Andry Rajoelina have been arrested. The attempted coup plot which was triggered by Rajoelina’s electoral plan was defused without bloodshed. - Monday 22 November 2010

Panafrica - United States
The explanation that African-American males perform poorly in school as a result of poverty and marginalization has been thwarted by a recent research study conducted by Council of the Great City Schools, an advocacy group for urban public schools in America. The search for explanation of the achievement gap has recently looked at other causes besides poverty. - Saturday 20 November 2010

In response to the number of polio cases detected in the Bugiri district, in eastern Uganda in mid-October 2010, the Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF will begin a first round of supplemental polio immunizations from Saturday November 20 to Monday November 22. - Thursday 18 November 2010

An operation by the Nigerian Joint Task force (JTF) to enforce peace and break down rebel activity in the oil-rich Niger Delta will continue "until the desired level of security and peace is achieved in the Niger Delta and the region is rid of criminal and illegal actions by the so-called militants", a top Nigerian official said after JFT rescued a total of 19 hostages including Nigerians and foreigners. - Thursday 18 November 2010

South africa - Botswana - DR Congo - Swaziland - Zimbabwe
Southern African region which carries the highest burden of the deadly HIV-AIDS in the world is planning to launch a string of mobile HIV/AIDS clinics along major trade routes throughout the region. - Thursday 18 November 2010

Sudan - International
Despite strong statements by both north and south Sudan to steer clear of war whatever the outcome of the largest African country’s January referendum on independence for the south, the United Nations, expressing little faith in the promises of peace, has decided to send in more peacekeepers. - Wednesday 17 November 2010

Panafrica - European Union
The Joint Africa- EU Strategy is an important instrument to strengthen the partnership between the two continents. However, the Strategy can only be successful if more actors are involved in the process including civil society which needs political and financial support. This has now been demanded by civil society organisations at an international conference at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in the run-up to the Africa-EU Summit in Tripoli. - Tuesday 16 November 2010

A telecoms committee has been recently formed to urge African Countries to focus their attention to broadband deployment and telecom services to rural communities. - Tuesday 16 November 2010

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