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DR Congo
Amidst the incessant conflicts in DR Congo, gold mining companies continue to lure military leaders into illicit gold mining agreements, despite the fact that gold mining has been banned in DR Congo. - Thursday 11 November 2010

Sudan - United States
The United States has conditioned its willingness to accelerate the process of removing Sudan from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism provided that Sudan fully implements its obligations under the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), including preparing and conducting a January 9, 2011, referendum in southern Sudan and respecting the referendum results. - Wednesday 10 November 2010

South africa
South Africa’s history of apartheid has been blamed for fermenting a vicious culture of violence that is now deemed as normal way of life. - Wednesday 10 November 2010

Nigeria’s labor and trade union are demanding a monthly minimum wage of $120 because prices of commodities have risen abruptly in the country. The asking price is triple what the minimum wage currently is, but the unions threaten to strike otherwise. - Wednesday 10 November 2010

Millions of Malawians have recently been seized with the question of the importance of their national flag. Religious and civil society groups in the southern African country have questioned the morality of a controversial change of the country’s flag. - Wednesday 10 November 2010

Non-governmental organizations, which have for the past decade been saviors for starving Zimbabweans, now face a ban on their operations in the build up to crucial elections next year. - Tuesday 9 November 2010

Nigeria - France - United States - Canada
Two Americans, two French, two Indonesians and one Canadian have been taken hostage by militiamen in Nigeria after an attack on an oil company that operates the offshore rig in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. - Tuesday 9 November 2010

Algeria - Mali - Niger
Last September, the abduction five Europeans sparked a hue and cry. Tuareg in the Sahel region were accused of operating in concert with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) to carry out the latter’s jihadist agenda. But the weight of suspicion has led the young nomads of Niger and Mali to shed light light on the dynamics of a region that is sinking into the bowels of abysmal misery. - Monday 8 November 2010

South africa
An income level study done in South Africa has shown that a majority of adults earn below R50 000 a year despite relatively high levels of economic growth over the past two decades. - Monday 8 November 2010

Guinea has completed its first democratic election since independence from France in 1958, recording a huge voter turn out in a run-off election that pit Guinea’s two largest ethnic groups against each other. - Monday 8 November 2010

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