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Like the old philosophical conundrum about the noise made by a tree falling in a deserted forest, so the upcoming election in Burma raises the question: if a country goes to the polls and no one is there to see, how do we know elections have taken place at all? - Saturday 6 November 2010

Panafrica - South africa - Botswana - Cameroon - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Kenya - Tanzania
A growing number of sub-Saharan African countries – South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and more recently, Ghana – now require that the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in a mobile phone be tied to the user’s name. The main reason: to combat crime. But I am afraid that with its narrow rationale and focus, this exercise misses the big picture; i.e., a golden opportunity to develop a good database that could become the building blocks for stronger institutions and economic transformation. - Saturday 6 November 2010

Do anti-wrinkle creams really do what they say? The French consumer magazine 60 millions de consommateurs (60 million consumers) has expressed strong doubts after conducting a survey of 264 women aged between 30 and 70. - Saturday 6 November 2010

Genital herpes, syphilis, chlamydia … These so-called “sexually-transmissible infections” (or STIs) are not at all the same as HIV/AIDS. Some can be prevented by vaccination. - Saturday 6 November 2010

Massage is widely used by sportsmen and women after competing, but does it really aid muscular recuperation? - Saturday 6 November 2010

Citrus limon or the lemon is a fruit we’re all familiar with but perhaps know very little about. - Saturday 6 November 2010

Panafrica - France
A team at INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) has identified a gene that makes certain mosquitoes malaria resistant. - Saturday 6 November 2010

Zimbabwe has in the last 18 months experienced countless investment conferences and international delegations primarily “to explore investment opportunities”. But recent investment agreements between Morgan Tsvangirai and South Korean investors have been declared "null and void" by Mugabe. - Friday 5 November 2010

The Nigerian government has embarked on massive deportation of illegal immigrants from Chad, Cameroun and Niger due to suspicion that Islamist sects in Nigeria might be using imported mercenaries from neighboring countries to perpetuate violence and rebellion. Some argue that the exercise is to prevent illegal immigrants from casting votes in next year’s presidential election. - Friday 5 November 2010

South africa
Armed with condoms and HIV prevention tools, Tau Morena, a pornographic film producer from South Africa, has decided to take his battle against AIDS to another level. Mapona (naked in SeSotho) is not only South Africa’s first porn film but also features a one hundred per cent Black cast, and it promotes safe sex. The film was released on September 30. - Thursday 4 November 2010

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