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Libya - International
The Gaddafi clan’s opaque financial empire has been ingeniously created by virtue of a complex fragmentation of accounts and investments; A strategy designed to throw any attempt to hunt for their ill gotten wealth off balance. - Thursday 10 March 2011

Libya - International
Stefan Simanowitz looks at the ‘responsibility to protect’ principle and assesses the extent to which the ICC referral might have back fired. - Thursday 10 March 2011

Though Libyans are yet to achieve a democratic revolution, the wave of pro-democracy ideologies blowing across the Arab world has forced Morocco to revise its constitution for the first time in 15 years, aiming to strengthen democracy. Morocco has so far avoided the unrelenting unrest that brought down regimes in fellow North African countries Tunisia and Egypt. - Thursday 10 March 2011

Eight people who gathered to protest against President Yoweri Museveni, who they say "rigged" the recent elections, have been arrested by police in Kampala, the Ugandan capital. - Wednesday 9 March 2011

Panafrica - International
Seven of them were waving thin tree branches as they marched amid singing and sweat under the sweltering heat of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, until bullets were sprayed into their bodies in a horrifying massacre. The tree branches which symbolized peace laid in a sinister pool of blood where the women had once stood. - Wednesday 9 March 2011

After threatening to dissolve Parliament and call for elections during a visit to Singapour last month, Zimbabwe’s aging leader, President Robert Mugabe, has began silencing his political critics through arrests and treason charges. - Wednesday 9 March 2011

United States

A St. Louis high school student is getting an "A" from authorities after discovering a teacher’s X-rated past.

Tera Myers, 38, was put on administrative leave at Parkway North High School this week after a student inquired about pornographic films Myers starred in during the 1990s.

- Wednesday 9 March 2011

The studio, which says it is the first to offer movies directly on the social media site, aims to roll out additional titles over the coming months.

Warner Bros. is turning to Facebook, where it hopes to find an electronic audience interested in digitally renting The Dark Knight.

- Wednesday 9 March 2011

If you’re looking to upgrade your car this year, you can ignore fuel injection, turbo charging, power steering and a streamlined chassis — the new breakthrough that will improve your ride is an iPad.

OK, it might be a slight exaggeration to say Apple’s much-vaunted tablet computer is helping re-shape the motor industry, but as manufacturers try to cram more technology into vehicles, they are looking at devices like the iPad to help them.

- Wednesday 9 March 2011

United States
Hey, it’s not easy starting up a new cable channel especially when there’s seemingly thousands of them out there all begging for audiences. I’m still constantly surprised when I come across a new one I never knew of before. They’re popping up like weeds. But of course, when you’re the Big O, expectations are higher. - Wednesday 9 March 2011

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