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After Lori Pappas first arrived in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia three years ago, the first thing she did was conduct a survey of working water wells in the area. - Tuesday 15 March 2011

Self-immolations in the Arab world have been on the rise after Mohammed Bouaziz, a young unemployed Tunisian, dramatically set himself on fire to protest against the powers that be. North African psychologists and sociologists have been trying to dissect the cause, meaning and acceptance of this extreme form of social protest. - Tuesday 15 March 2011

Libya - International
United States President Barrack Obama has remained defiant to pressure demanding him to recognize the Libyan rebel council as a legitimate government and support a proposed no-fly zone over Libya to protect Libyan freedom-fighters. - Tuesday 15 March 2011

South africa - Botswana
World over, particularly in Africa, diamond deposits have often been a source of bloody conflicts. However, Bostwana, a largely desert southern African nation endowed with huge diamond deposits, has been exemplary in its management and control of the precious mineral resource. But with foreigners earning more than locals on average, some have questioned Botswana’s wage disparity. - Tuesday 15 March 2011

United States

Apple Inc.’s new iPad 2 flew off of the shelves on its first weekend.

The company’s stores in major U.S. cities had sold out of the updated tablet device within hours of its introduction at 5 p.m. local time Friday, according to surveys by analysts. On Sunday, Apple’s online store was showing a shipping delay of three to four weeks for all of the versions of the iPad 2.

- Tuesday 15 March 2011

United Kingdom - International

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympics have gone on sale, 500 days ahead of the event.

Some 6.6 million tickets are available from the London 2012 website over a six-week period and organisers say all applications will be treated equally.

- Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Walt Disney Co. has deep-sixed Mars Needs Moms producer Robert Zemeckis’ planned next project for the studio, the high-profile remake of the classic Beatles film Yellow Submarine, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Submarine was already facing a few rocky reefs before this weekend. There were budget issues, and a key presentation Zemeckis was to have made before the Beatles heirs kept being pushed back. A December date for the confab was scrapped and never rescheduled. But sources say the disastrous $6.9 million opening for the $150 million-budgeted Mars, produced by Zemeckis, guaranteed that Submarine would never set sail at Disney. The producer-director is now free to shop the project to another studio.

- Tuesday 15 March 2011


Since becoming chief executive of Hewlett-Packard four months ago, Léo Apotheker has remained mostly silent about his plans for the world’s biggest technology company.

He finally unveiled his strategy to investors on Monday, saying that H.P. would build out its tiny software business and expand into the cloud — a term used to describe products and services delivered online.

- Tuesday 15 March 2011


An escalating crisis at a nuclear power plant compounded the human devastation in Japan Tuesday.

As the death toll from the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami steadily ascended, residents waited with anxiety about radiation exposure.

- Tuesday 15 March 2011

Ivory Coast
The stage for a civil war is now set in Ivory Coast as the rebel group- the New Forces- loyal to democratically elected president Alassane Ouattara take positions in small towns ahead of an anticipated battle with government forces under the control of Laurent Gbagbo. - Monday 14 March 2011

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