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Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea’s government has spent lavishly on diplomatic accommodations while neglecting the rights of the country’s poor in the lead-up to hosting the African Union summit, Human Rights Watch and EG Justice said today. The government has also sharply limited public dissent and critical reporting. While most citizens of Equatorial Guinea languish in poverty, President Teodoro Obiang’s government, which holds the revolving AU chairmanship, spent more than US$830 million to construct a luxury complex for the summit outside the nation’s capital, Malabo. - Thursday 23 June 2011

Equatorial Guinea
- Friday 17 June 2011

Panafrica - International
The developing world has long lent itself to political soundbites, often with a tone of despair. It wasn’t too long ago that Henry Kissinger called Bangladesh a “basket case” and Tony Blair cited Africa as a ’scar on the conscience of humanity’. Development in poor countries seemed an expensive exercise in futility. Times have changed. Recent years have seen unprecedented progress in the quality of life across the developing world. In the race towards the Millennium Development Goals, the rate of progress in reducing poverty and increasing access to basic education, health, water and other essential services is eye-opening. - Monday 13 June 2011

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