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On Saturday, May 19, 2012, Dr. Landry Signé was bestowed the Outstanding Visionary Leadership Award by The African Network (TAN), a Silicon Valley based global non-profit organization aiming to foster entrepreneurship and technology among people of African descent and provide a support structure and network for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and community leaders worldwide. - Friday 25 May 2012

South africa
Sun Fire Solutions presents a range on innovative Solar Lighting systems especially suitable to African not easy conditions of life. What is most important is the fact that this South African innovative technology is respectful to what the earth is requiring from its residents in term of attention and protection. - Monday 14 May 2012

A judge from the tiny Samoan archipelago made history last week by declaring that Charles Taylor, the deposed president of the West African state of Liberia was guilty of “aiding and abetting” the multiple atrocities committed by a rebel force in neighbouring Sierra Leone – nine years after being indicted by a United Nations Special Court. The judges unanimously ruled that Mr Taylor knowingly assisted the commission of these crimes by providing a continuous flow of arms, ammunitions, logistical and other forms of support to the main rebel group (Revolutionary United Front) in exchange for diamonds. - Monday 14 May 2012

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