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The most striking scene in Nick Broomfield’s powerful 2007 film Battle for Haditha is not one of violence but a simple love scene. A wife calls to her husband from an upstairs window. He comes up to the bedroom. She removes her hijab. Her hair tumbles over her bare shoulders. They shower and then they make love. - Friday 17 September 2010

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Success has a price. One that most Moroccans couldn’t afford as they stress Eric Gerets’ exaggerated salary : according to the local press, the Belgian, who will take over the Lions of the Atlas, will earn more than all of the country’s government. - Monday 12 July 2010

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"MobiCash" a new feature in international money transfer for Moroccans living abroad has been put in place by Maroc Telecom since the beginning of July. Moroccans can now send money via their mobile phones by SMS or Internet in the comfort of their homes. - Saturday 10 July 2010

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