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Researchers in the US have found grains of cooked plant material in their teeth.

The study is the first to confirm that the Neanderthal diet was not confined to meat and was more sophisticated than previously thought. The research has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The popular image of Neanderthals as great meat eaters is one that has up until now been backed by some circumstantial evidence. Chemical analysis of their bones suggested they ate little or no vegetables.

- Wednesday 29 December 2010

Ivory Coast

African leaders delivered an ultimatum to Laurent Gbagbo today, warning him to step down as Ivory Coast’s president immediately or face possible military action.

The presidents of Sierra Leone, Benin and Cape Verde held three hours of talks with Gbagbo at the presidential palace in Abidjan after first meeting with the top UN envoy to the country.

As the meeting ended, Benin’s president, Boni Yayi, said simply: "All went well." The three leaders declined to comment further.

- Wednesday 29 December 2010


More than 200,000 people have been affected by flooding resulting from heavy rains in Sri Lanka, a disaster management official said Monday.

Heavy rains lasted from noon Sunday to about noon on Monday, said A.R. Jayarathne, assistant director of the country’s Disaster Management Center.

Large tanks in the region, set up to irrigate rice paddy fields, overflowed, forcing authorities to open sluice gates, he said.

- Wednesday 29 December 2010


By fans’ requests, on February 7, 2011 Janet Jackson’s will kick-off her Number Ones, Up Close and Personal Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in South Asia. This past November, the pop icon announced a 35-city global tour celebrating thirty-five number one singles and a legendary career.

With this specific trek around the globe, the beloved diva will pose an intimate setting at each venue where audiences can truly experience the star. As she reveals herself through her music, she emphasizes the personal atmosphere.

- Wednesday 29 December 2010


O.K., here goes: when it comes to the Amazon Kindle, I’ll admit it, I was wrong.

When the Apple iPad was announced in January, I wrote a blog post that predicted “Three Reasons Why the iPad Will Kill Amazon’s Kindle.” I noted that Amazon isn’t innovating fast enough and that as a single-purpose reading device, the Kindle was just too expensive.

- Wednesday 29 December 2010

European Union

The second European satellite dedicated to delivering broadband internet connections has launched successfully.

The six-tonne Ka-Sat lifted off atop a Proton rocket from Baikonur in Kazakhstan at 0351 local time on Monday (2151 GMT on Sunday).

The flight lasted nine hours and 12 minutes.

The Eutelsat-operated spacecraft will concentrate its services on the estimated tens of millions of European homes in so-called "not-spots".

These are places where consumers cannot get a decent terrestrial connection.

- Tuesday 28 December 2010

United States

The post-Christmas rush was on at malls and other retail venues, but many shoppers right away noticed something missing: the huge discounts that made end-of-holiday sales so alluring in recent years.

"Beside the ’buy one, get one free’ special for dress shirts, it’s the same percent off that Macy’s always seems to have," Alfonso Hernandez of Norwalk said Sunday morning as he left the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos with only a pair of bluejeans.

At the Jos. A. Bank men’s clothing store in Huntington Beach, items such as underwear and socks that were on a "buy one, get two free" special last week were regularly priced Sunday.

- Tuesday 28 December 2010

United States

Rapper/R&B star Lauryn Hill is heading out on a Winter tour starting next, playing a series of mid-sized venues possibly for the last time in her career.

The Grammy Award winning artist will hit the road on a 17-date tour, which will kick off December 27th in New York, at the High Line Ballroom.

Hill is pegged for six-dates in New York, a pair in New Jersey, five dates down south (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia), the mid-West and Canada.

- Tuesday 28 December 2010

United States

Google has a knack for making waves when it pushes into new arenas, and online travel is no exception. Six months ago, Google announced its intention to buy the company that made it easy for travelers to compare airfares, ITA Software, for $700 million.

Since then, the biggest players in online travel have drawn lines, for and against the deal, and regulators have sought more time and information for an antitrust investigation, which continues.

- Tuesday 28 December 2010

If you’ve seen the award-winning 2008 documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, then this will be a familiar story: How a group of Liberian women — Muslims and Christians, young and not so young, long grown weary from the terrors of war — conspired to wage peace in their country. How they staged sit-ins outside the Presidential Palace, stalked stalled peace talks in Ghana, and withheld sex until their husbands saw the light and pledged to wage peace, too. - Tuesday 28 December 2010

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