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Nigeria’s political landscape was shrouded in mystery Thursday as its ailing President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, returned to the country after months abroad receiving medical treatment.

Earlier this month, Nigeria’s House and Senate approved a resolution to install the country’s vice president, Goodluck Jonathan, as head of state amid fears over Yar’Adua’s future.

With uncertainty over whether Yar’Adua will attempt to return to power, CNN looks at the implications for this oil-rich country.

- Wednesday 24 February 2010

On Saturday, more than six decades after his death, another portion of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were scattered in the Indian Ocean, off the South African coast. The ashes were with a family friend, Vilas Mehta.

Back in 1948, after Gandhi’s cremation, his ashes were distributed to his family, friends and associates. This particular portion was with the Mehtas. When the matriarch was on her deathbed, she handed over a silver container with the ashes, to her daughter-in-law and asked her to keep it safe. She decided to return it to the Gandhi family.

Gandhi’s granddaughter, Ela Gandhi, who is a respected activist in South Africa, has been quoted as saying, "We started thinking — what shall we do with it? Our broader family said, the ashes must be immersed." Ela Gandhi who led the ceremony, said they chose the Indian Ocean since it was a link between India and South Africa.

- Monday 1 February 2010


Not since Buckingham Palace took so long to respond Princess Diana’s death in 1997 has an organisation so badly misjudged the mood of the public.

For the decision by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) to expel Togo from the next two Africa Cup of Nations - following their Angola 2010 withdrawal after their team bus was machine-gunned (with two team officials dying) - is simply jaw-dropping.

Before we get into the whys and wherefores, let’s just clarify why the Togolese have been suspended. In the statement they released on Saturday, Caf said the following...

- Monday 1 February 2010

United States

She may not have beat Beyonce or Taylor Swift in terms of trophies, but with her irreverent fashion and fearless performance Lady Gaga dominated Sunday’s Grammy awards.

The pop sensation of the moment opened the music industry’s 52nd annual Grammy ceremony belting out "Poker Face," clad in a glittery, green leotard, replacing pants with panty hose. Midway through the song, one of Gaga’s backup dancers dumped her into a bin, calling her a monster and accusing her of corrupting the world.

- Monday 1 February 2010

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