Black history

A suspected Islamist militant batch in the North-East of Somali coming from Yemen has been detained says the regional governor Abdisamad Gallan.

Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud challenges Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Egypt’s president Mohammed Mursi decrees pardon revolutionaries

Harold Booysen accepts the memorandum for South Africa truck drivers

Amnesty report cases of civilian abuse in south sudan

Guinea government still remain voiceless on the culprits of September, 28 massacre


Ancient arrows and Africa’s place as the cradle of technology

Africa’s "wind of change" and a 50 year struggle

Discovering John H. Johnson: An African-American media mogul

Algeria’s Timgad Roman ruins: A "Numidian Pompeii"

Ethiopia: Story of world’s oldest illustrated Bible authenticated

Sudan banking on foreign-run archaeological digs

Africa’s cultural heritage treasure war with Europe

Marshall W. “Major” Taylor: First Black world champion cyclist

African cultural heritage fight with the West fuelled by national identity

After French restitution of Maori heads, African sacred artefacts next?

Egypt leads African countries to recover ancient treasures

Dorothy Height honored by Obama

Arabization and a history of Black-African marginalization in Mauritania

The great African Meroë empire at the Louvre Museum

Zanzibar: US restores 900 year Kizimkazi mosque

New York honors its African past

James Brown and Aretha Franklin: Two masters of 1960s “soul” music

The lost Kingdom of Ife, found in Europe

Jim Crow, Segregation and African-Americans

Battling Siki, world boxing’s unsung hero

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