Natacha Mikolo

Natacha Mikolo is a communications and marketing professional and is an avid entertainment contributor for various panafrican medias. A real world citizen, born in Congo Brazzaville and currently living in France, Natacha has also lived in Cuba, Zimbabwe, Congo and England. She considers herself at home wherever there is great food, music, WiFi and, of course, people to write about.

Panafrica - Italy
Franca Sozzani, editor for Vogue Italia, continues to prove herself as a bastion of resistance to the racist image that Vogue has carved for itself within the Afro world as she revisits her brave and historical "Black Issue" of 2008. In its February 2011 issue, Vogue Italia makes a comeback into the Afro world with Black Allure: An editorial photography spread on several pages depicting a selection of some of the top commercial Black models in the fashion industry, like delicious butter and marmalade on hot toasts! February is Black History Month and Vogue Italia’s photographic message is a tip of the heart to Black people.

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